Tuesday, November 4, 2014


{OK, this freaked us out a bit this week. We didn't get a letter from Kendric on Sunday - he's never missed before in the nearly 2 years he's been out - so I emailed his mission president on Monday morning. The President got back to me pretty quick and said Kendric was fine and he'd have him email us the next day and 'fill us in on his delay in emailing us this week'. The email below came late Monday night. ~Dad}

Good..night? Haha I don't know what time it is for you guys, but first off, I do apologize for not writing yesterday. It's kind of a long story. So I'll start at last last Monday, when I got my x-rays done. So the doctor told me he found "suspicious densities" in my right lung. Okay, called Sis. Clark, she said that was normal, and asked me to get x-ray'd a second time. So I did that, but wasn't able to get the result until last Monday. Haha, this time the doctor seemed certain that those spots in my x-ray is TB or tuberculosis or whatever. So then I called Sis. Clark up again, and she told me that day not to email you guys that I had TB. So I was silent last week on that. THEN they sent me off to MRC (Missionary Recovery Center) at the Manila MTC on Thursday, and I was there until yesterday getting x-ray'd and sputum tested and PPD'd and all that jazz to confirm if I have TB, which I don't. All of my results came back negative. And so yesterday they sent me back here, and I was basically on a crazy long roadtrip from Manila to Angeles to Tarlac to Sta. Ignacia. It was awesome. HAhaha....OHHhhhhkay. So that is my tale of false-TB readings. But MRC was actually a super-cool experience. I was isolated in a room by myself because of the "TB" and so I had a lot of time to myself to read the scriptures. I also got to go to the American Cemetery in Manila, which is the spot where all the WWII casualties have been buried. It is also the spot where Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Philippines for missionary work in the 1960's. It was suuuuper sacred, and such a cool experience. They also have these pillars with the names of all those who have not been found, I guess MIA is what they are but I don't remember the official name for it. I found a couple of Rands on the list, too. Don't know if we're related, but it was still cool to see.

​The graves of a tiny portion of the cemetery. It was interesting because not all of the symbols are crosses, there were a few with the Star of David on it instead of a cross. 

The Manila skyline, with the graves at the bottom. (Just FYI, Manila is where that last scene in the Bourne Legacy took place, fun fact for ya).

This is Sta. Ignacia zone, but transfers are coming up and President told me I will be transferring, so it's not my zone for too much longer ;) The Elder to my lower right is super cool, and I'm gonna try to go to school with him too. His name is Elder Johnson, really good friend of mine. 

This is NOT from Manila, haha this is from our ward's service project last week. Here in the Philippines on Nov. 1 and 2 there are holidays called All Saint's and All Souls' Day, where people visit their loved ones at these graveyards. So we went and cleaned them up, and I thought it was such a dismal place. All the graves are crappy concrete, falling apart, and then in the middle of that I saw this and I just thought it looked pretty cool. 

Okayyy. So again, I apologize. But it was outside of my control that I didn't email yesterday! Haha...sorry. But dad, oorah. You got another deer, and that means beast feast, right?? I am stoked for some jerky! And thanks for that quote, it was awesome! And mom, thanks for doing that stuff for me for school. I would love to take pre-college algebra-I honestly remember NOTHING about math. If you feel like easier math would be a good idea I am all for it :) Thanks so much mom! And Aleigha and Maile, I got your guys' letters, thanks for writing too :) It's crazy how soon I'll be seeing you all again! Aleigha, hang in there! :) All right, I've gotta go. Time's short today since it's not a p-day, and we've still got to go out and work. But I love you all, hope you like the pics! I definitely enjoyed dad's pics! 


Elder Rand

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