Sunday, November 30, 2014

"So. I guess this means I'm close to the end."

So. I guess this means I'm close to the end. I cannot tell you how conflicted my brain is. Everything is switching focus, my thoughts and mind all point to home, but I still go out and work everyday. I feel like there is still so much for me to do, but then I remember I am going home. Oh it is the craziest feeling ever. 

I think to say that these are the best two years of my life would be a bit inaccurate. I will however say with all certainty that these two years were the toughest, most challenging, and rewarding in my life. I have learned so much about myself, and patience and endurance and a million other things. 

It is so humbling to think I will be taking my name tag off for good in two weeks. That name tag and I have been through a lot together ;) But at the same time I know my course here is coming to a close. If you could just look at the state of my clothes, ah mom would never let me step out of our apartment. My shoes are falling apart, my socks have gaping holes, the hem of my pants are ripped, the collars on my shirts have shredded to pieces, my belt is frayed along its sides, etc. Haha everything seems to be telling me it's time. And I know it is. So for these next two weeks I will work, work and work some more. I will go out with a bang :) 

My birthday was awesome, and thanks so much for the wishes. You guys are so awesome. I got your letters this week, too. Thank you so much! But I think either Maile and Dad didn't write, or they got lost in the mail somewhere, because I only got letters from Mom and Aleigha. Which is cool if you guys didn't write, but Maile mentioned she did..? It's all good, it'll show up eventually if you wrote :) Our less-active next door neighbor baked me a cake, and we also ate lunch with my district, and they celebrated mine and Sis. Umaga's birthday (it was on the 29th). So there are definitely cool people here who take care of me :) 

And your lives sound spectacular! I am so excited to come back! Thanksgiving looked amazing, Adam's hair is long. Aleigha's hunt looks amazing, and I will pray for her to get a deer this week ;) Arizona just overall could not look better :) I am so excited! A lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen still, but I am excited. 

Mom, as for your questions, I would love to apply for BYU, everything seems to be pointing that way, and I've actually had a few of my MTC batch approach me about being roommates, so I think it would actually work out awesome. I figure I could have either one of my mission presidents write me a letter of recommendation. Maybe President Martino, because I hear he pulls some weight in Provo. So I'll get it figured out. I am hoping to be able to work full-time again to save up for my move to Utah. We'll see. And I think I will let you know next week if I need money for traveling. I mean, I know it would be best to have some, but I'll ask around to figure out how much. Thanks mom and dad :) 

Okay, so I'm gonna send some pics now, so standby! I love you all so much, and please have a great (successful hunt?) week! As always, I remain, 

Very Sincerely Yours,

Elder Rand

This is Baler zone @ Ditumabo falls! 

​This is the cake our neighbors made for me! :) 

This is our apartment in San Luis! It's actually a pretty nice apartment, pretty clean inside. But showers in the morning are from a bucket, and it feels like glacier water haha ;) 

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