Monday, November 10, 2014

Good evening, fam!

Good evening fam! So this week, holy cow! Just FYI I am here in Tarlac right now, coming from Baler zone, which is a TRIP let me tell ya. It is a long drive. So yeah, that's the cool thing! I am back in Baler!! Holy cow I forgot how amazing this place is! I will send more pics too, don't worry :) So it has been a hectic past few days. But guess what!! Elder Stenquist came and visited me with his family before going home, and they took my comp and me out to dinner, which was super awesome of them. So that was cool. They were all super nice, and fun to be around! They actually invited me up to their cabin for New Year's so we'll see how that goes, if I can make it or not. But as for this area, it is infamous in the mission for being difficult, and it has been fulfilling that expectation in every possible way. Yesterday at church there were 22 people there. Total. We have no one in our teaching pool preparing for baptism. So yes, I have work to do here. And it is definitely helping me to work hard and endure to the end. 

So tomorrow I am going back to Manila to get fingerprinted, and then all of my official requirements to go home should be fulfilled!! And mom it's a requirement to be x-ray'd for TB before going back to the States I guess. Haha my lungs are fine, I guess a little bit wheezy, but I don't think I need an inhaler at all, I will be okay :) 

Well it sounds like everyone is staying super busy, so that's good! And I am so jealous you all listened to John Bytheway! When I was in the MRC I did a few things everyday, and one of them was listen to John Bytheway talks. He served in Angeles zone back in the day, which was totally super close to one of my areas. One of the Elders I met in MRC was from Baguio mission and in his first area John Bytheway was the branch president. Crazy right?? 

Dad, all this "hunting" talk is getting me ready to kill something haha ;) And frickkkkk I cannot wait for some deer jerky. HAHA I think Maile is awesome for wanting to go bow hunting for elk! Maile, you can do it. Doubt your doubts. And dad hang in there with all your business trips and stuff. :) 

All right, well hang tight for those pics. I promise I will send as many as this horrible internet will allow. I love you all so much, and please know you guys are awesome! Have a great week everyone, hurrah for Israel! :)


Elder Rand

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