Monday, October 13, 2014

Naimbeg nga aldaw (Good noon!)

Hello family! 

Man this week was nuts. Conference was amazing, so many amazing talks I really really needed to hear. I really really liked that Jorg guy's talk. Super good! And I've heard about that "Meet the Mormons" documentary, any news on if it's available to download or anything like that? That'd be super cool to use with out investigators! Dad, I am super stoked for the iPhone 6! This one ward member talks technology with me all day, so I've heard a lot about it haha :) He always bashes on anything Apple though, the Philippines is almost purely Samsung. That's way cool about javelina too! I don't have my driver's license with me though, so if you're still on please let me know what all you need and I'll get it ready for next week's email. Ah, and yes, our training went awesome. I used some Jeffrey R. Holland quotes for the chastisement, and scriptures for the motivation. It worked out really well haha :) 

So mom, for school I've been giving BYU a lot of thought, but I'm still not sure, it just doesn't make sense to pay all that money for my generals when I could hopefully get a scholarship at a smaller school and save a lot. So I'm still pondering that out. Those two classes at Pima though would be awesome, definitely a great idea :) If it's all right, I would love for them to be science/math classes. That's what's been calling my name lately. Mom I am okay financially, and in terms of supplies. I will be okay :) Thanks so much mom! And I'm glad your classes are going so well too :) 

Well as for me, I am doing well, no complaints. I have read a few really life-changing talks lately, including one by my favorite general authority, Tad R. Callister, that's called "Becoming Men and Women of Integrity". It is so powerful, and has definitely helped me these last few days to have more integrity in everything I do. 

All right, pics! 

This is after a family home evening at these members' house, with their investigator sisters!
The river we went to earlier! :) 
A ward baptism that happened this week
We had a district CSP this week, that mound of cement we're sitting on is what we hauled.
Our zone activity earlier! Just sat in bamboo huts along this river, super relaxed.

Okayokayokay! Looks like I'm gonna call it a wrap. Love you all, thanks so much for everything you guys do, I am sorry for all of my faults and weaknesses, but I am truly doing my best to overcome! Till next week! 


Elder Rand

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