Monday, October 6, 2014

Fam-fam :)

Hey all! 

First off, this computer is centuries old and has no USB slot in the front, and all the USB slots in the back are crammed full with different cords, so I cannot upload pictures D: BUT! I really do ahve a ton to send, so next week is going to be a great week for pictures. Just in case you're into that kinda thing.

So this might be a super short letter, I got caught up in planning our workshop for this week. Ugh it's an hour and a half long workshop with President Clark there, so we've got to do it right! And it's all about addressing our zone's weaknesses, of which there are many. So it's got to be the right amount of chastisement and Christ-like love, and honestly I've never been good at getting that balance right, I've kind of just learned to not beat around the bush and just go ahead and chastise them, but apparently that's not how it should be done. Hahaha..anyway, but mom thank you so much for putting that money in, I definitely appreciated it! You are awesome :) And honestly I think that would work out a lot better if I just waited till I get home and didn't get anymore packages :) That is perfectly all right with me! Whoo hoo! 

Dad, I would love to be put in for javelina. Google is claiming that is not a real word. Is that how you spell it? Anyways,  that would make me so. Happy. Haha if it's not too much trouble, I mean, please don't do it if it's a hassle or anything...

Well I still as of now have not watched conference yet, but everything you guys have said about it (with the exception of Maile falling asleep "a lot"[Aleigha's words]) have got me pumped to watch it! This will be my fourth and final time watching conference in the mission. HOLY COW. 

Mom, in answer to your questions, this week has been great! Things are going, we've been working at a crazy pace, and things still don't seem to be picking up quite how I wanted them to, so I'm just trying to grit my teeth and keep going. I'm getting a little tired of the repetition in this area, and how every one we talk to is just like "There's only one God, we don't need to go to your church since there's only one God". And then with that attitude they don't care about anything we say next. Okay that's my rant ;) Weird that our church building my change, but change is always so expected in the church. 

All righty, I have to go, I'm sorry. But I love you all immensely, and Maile I guess I will see you in 72 days according to your chain :) Have a great week everyone, and enjoy the good vibes from conference! 


Elder Rand 

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