Monday, September 22, 2014

Still in the same area...

Hey all! 

So that's pretty depressing about grandpa Beck...Anyway... It'll be cool I think for the girls to get to see where you all grew up. Wish I could go! ;) But I mean, the circumstances are unfortunate...Anyway, home-made salsa! That sounds amazing!! Oh my gosh, I can't wait. But how did you get fruit from Utah to Arizona without it going bad? Were you guys up there recently? 

Dad, super cool about bishop's dogs. That'd be the coolest thing ever, to bag a lion! And yes, I am under 3 months, and honestly, it has just been hitting me....hard. I don't know if I'm ready! But at the same time, I am so so ready to go home. I get my flight plans this week, so that's gonna be crazy. I can't even imagine how hard THAT'S gonna hit me, looking at the exact time I'll be home...oh my gosh...

Mom, I am still in this same area, I feel like it might be my last. My companion is getting transferred this week, more than likely. This week has kicked my butt...I'm getting kind of tired of being a zone leader. I would love to step down and just be a normal missionary, just focus on the work and nothing else. But alas, this is what's been given to me. Haha it is not mango season yet, mom! And I think the next one is right about the time I'll be going home. So I'll keep my fingers crossed! ;) It has been raining cats and dogs over here, we had a string of typhoons hit our mission over the last week, so that's been great. Ugh sorry if this sounds like a negative letter, just kind of need to vent a bit...Let's just say I'm ready for some change :) 

Other than that, mom I am doing okay. I have everything I need, I think I'll be good with everything until I'm home. Thanks so much for all you do! I appreciate everything. I love you all. I think I'll call it a wrap, but I'll be on for a bit doing my reports if you guys are still awake. Love you all! 

-Elder Rand 

PS I forgot my camera today :( sorry...I'll repent next week? ;) 

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