Monday, September 1, 2014

Naimbag nga melem

Good afternoon! In Ilokano, that is. That pic is my dinner last night. Canned meat loaf (yeah, it's cheap.) with pancit canton, or I guess saimen for you all back home. Anyway. So this weeeeekkkk....I am worn out, to be honest. I am getting very very tired. It's that last stretch where I know I have to keep pressing on, and helping my zone, but where my stamina is running thin. Mom, in terms of my study, Articles of Faith is not a missionary resource anymore, so I'm restricted from reading it. :( BUT! This is what I do everyday: In personal study (1 hr. every morning) I read a section of D&C. I then read 30 min. of the BofM in English, and another 10min. in Tagalog. Then when we get home from work at the end of the day, after we have call-ins with our district leaders, I read Jesus the Christ alongside the New Testament. I also read from Preach My Gospel at least 10min. a day. So anyway, that's my daily routine. Guess I really gotta pack it in while I can, I know it won't be like that when I get home. That's what I hear from every RM ever.

Anyway, Joshua did get baptized this week! That's the little brother of Samuel, the boy who was baptized last last week. He's such a cool little kid. So that was definitely a good pick-me-up :) 

Hmmm...let's see....I'll be going to Tarlac tomorrow. We have a zone leaders/sister training leaders conf. with our mission president, so it's cool because I'll get to see all of my friends! Elder Stenquist is a ZL! So we stay the night in Tarlac and then continue it, so it's a very draining day (about 15 hours of instruction in a 27 hr. period), but so uplifting spiritually. Can't wait! 

So that's a bummer about grandpa Beck, I remember when they used to come down and stay in that one hotel on the NW side of Tucson, next to those double railroad tracks. Then they would always take us out to breakfast at that one diner over there. Hm. Kind of really vague memories, I just barely remember that happening. My condolences to Grandma Beck. 

Maile, you watched the Saratov Approach? Was it good? I've heard of it. Anyway, hope you have fun with dad and Aleigha hunting! Be a good bird dog, okay? ;) And which Johnson's, the ones dad and I would home teach? Man that's weird...

Aleigha, you look like a pro shooting that shotgun! I am so glad you know how to shoot. Dad, that's so funny you guys are going out for dove! I always remember you hating dove, you always just said you don't like eating them. Hahaha but hey, if it gets you out, I guess that's a small obstacle. People here will eat any bird they can catch, and fun fact, pigeons are a treasured pet here by young boys, and quite expensive to buy. Anyway, enjoy the hunt! 

Yes, yes, Stenquist got his itinerary. I was there when he got it -_- But I get mine in about a month! I'm not sure what kind of snake it was, but I just know it was not a cobra. That's the stuff you gotta watch out for. 

That's us at our weekly CSP. Welcome to the jungle! 

All right, it's the beginning of the month which means I have a ton of reports left. I gotta run, but I love you all so much! Thanks for writing me! Have a great week everyone, I will be writing again shortly :) By shortly I mean a week. 

-Elder Rand 

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