Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello family! 

Hah this week was so awesome. There was so much spirituality, and so so so many workshops and trainings haha...we were in MLC (pictures above with my MTC district) for 2 days, and then the next day we gave training to our respective zones on what we learned from MLC. Super awesome. Now this week coming up we have a zone conference for a day in Tarlac, then we have a baptism on Saturday, and then we're hosting a pre-MTC fireside for YSA's who're gonna serve a mission, and...I think that's it actually. So I'm definitely staying busy haha...and good news, exactly from today I have 100 days left. I think. My countdown might be wrong, but I think it's today. At the end of this month I should have my flight plans! Not that I'm giving that too much thought or anything...

Bonus round: 

Me and my Japanese doppelganger. Haha! Elder Tsunoda...

Okay, anyway, that's all that's going on with me. Honestly, can't think of anything else, my head is so jumbled with scheduling and plans and stuff, I have never been this organised in my life. But life for you guys sounds all right! I mean, dad you got out hunting and mom, you have all that cool stuff happening with your previous pupils. That's so cool there are so many open houses in AZ lately!! And I am missing ALL of them! Wow....let's change the subject. How was dinner with Caitrin and Adam? Mom, I do see Sis. Clark taking pics all the time, I just think that she's a bit like you, and doesn't quite know how to upload them yet or something, because she takes a lot. President Clark is a cool guy, really really different though from President Martino. Like President Martino was never sarcastic or unprofessional or anything of that sort, whereas Pres. Clark is like all of those. Haha it takes some getting used to, but I know he's here to help this mission, and we support him. Maile, that's so cool you like baking, because I really really want some chocolate chip cookies when I get home (hint, hint). Like really really bad. I haven't had baked goods for too long. 

Well I don't really know what else to say. I guess just please know that I am doing great, and trying to run to the finish line. I love you all, thanks for your constant support and love :) Be safe, have fun, enjoy life. Catch you on the flip side! 


Elder Rand 

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