Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mabuhay :)

Hello all! 

This week....thissss weekkk....I am wasted! Haha but in the best kind of way, does that make sense? Super busy, super fulfilling. ​The picture above is from a fireside me, my companion, and the Sister Training Leaders hosted to train our ward members on missionary work. It was a big deal, Bishop (in red t-shirt on the left-hand side) said he's never seen this many people attend a fireside before. And overall it was a success, we got to train the members on how to be better home/visiting teachers, and the YSA who're prepping for missions feel way more excited to serve. Hey by the way, look how tall I am here!! Heh heh...

Sooooo what else, ah! Hannah did get baptized, so that was really cool, we've had baptisms back-to-back for the last few weeks, which has been super rewarding. This area has gotten a lot tougher the last few weeks, we've had to drop a LOT of investigators, so we're trying to build the teaching pool back up, and it's been hard but to be honest I really enjoy the "finding" part of missionary work. It's fun talking to everyone you meet here, it's not like in Angeles where people were the biggest jerks, they're all super nice here. Anyway, the other day I engaged in a spider fight. So I know you guys all know about the cock fights that happen with chickens and blades and all that, but did you know that little kids battle spiders??? Yeah, so I caught my own spider and battled it the other day. Totally trashed that kid. I felt like I was playing real-life pokemon, it definitely made my day. 

Oh my gosh, your guys' letters were just so awesome this week, seriously. I don't know what it was about them, but I just felt super strongly your guys' love, and I miss you all so dang much. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me, I appreciate every single one. And mom, I don't know if I told you, but I did get your letter a few weeks back. Thanks so much :) I hope you'll have fun going back to college! Haha! That's so cool! And I will definitely enjoy going to all of the new temples as well. SUPER excited to go to the temple, and I just realized I get to go in a couple of months. I get my flight plans at the end of this transfer, so sometime in late Sept or early Oct. Time flies.

Dad, thanks for the news about the car and stuff. I really appreciate all the steps you're taking for when I get home! You guys are so awesome. By the way, three months from this day, I will be in the mission home receiving training for when I get home! So I've got that going for me. Bummer about your sudden trip to Canada. Just curious, what part will you be going to? This elder from one of my past zones is from Toronto, and he told me about this place called Kensington Market and it sounds like a stellar place! 

Aleigha and Maile, I've got a bit of time left so I'm going to try to respond to your emails right now. Hang tight! 

All righty family, another week down for all of us. I hope you are all doing great! I love you all so much, good luck wherever you are in the world! 

-- Elder Rand

PS The elder licking my ear (he didn't actually make contact) is my MTC comp! Haha that's Elder Wilson. And Elder Tsunoda is half-Japanese and half-Pinoy, so he's a local here. Haha he's such a funny guy...

Elder K. H. Rand
Philippines Angeles Mission

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