Monday, September 29, 2014

He got his itinerary for his return home!!

Thanks for the emails! Sounds like you guys just got home. Dad, those pics were cool, Seattle looks beautiful! Man it was weird seeing all those white people who I guess are family. I really don't know any of them! Haha I remember grandma Beck, she looks exactly the same as I remember her. I imagined Scott a lot different, like with a beard and stuff. Hm. And Aleigha, I know exactly what you're talking about with the translation of the Bible, believe me. And I have spoken at several Catholic funerals here, and it's always really weird. Even some LDS funerals here have Catholic elements, like statues of Christ on the cross and stuff. Really weird feeling. Haha mom, that's kind of funny all those places have become the ghetto now, I bet that was super weird seeing all that stuff from the past. 

Well this week has been awesome. There were a lot of positive changes that were badly needed. I now have a new companion! His name is Elder Rebelde. He was actually my house mate for the last two transfers. So I've gotten to know him really well. And this is the first companion I've had who actually wants to be my companion. We get along so well. He told me that his first transfer in the mission I gave a spiritual thought at the transfer point in Cabanatuan, and ever since then he'd wanted to be my companion. He's such a cool guy. And then since he's a brand-new zone leader the mission has been starting this new leader training program that we went to together in Tarlac. President basically just talked about how for us foreigners, when we go back to America no one's going to give a whoop about how we were zone leaders or district leaders or whatever. But here, in the Philippines they NEED strong Melchizidek Priesthood leaders. And so I have felt obligated to help Elder Rebelde be an amazing leader. He's from a little branch in Negros Occidental, and he was branch president over there, the youngest ever called in the Philippines. So we've been working so great together. This week is the first time in my mission where every day I literally pass out on the bed from exhaustion after call-ins. I don't even eat at night anymore I am too tired. The days are blending together, and YES I GOT MY ITINERARY. I will be home at 2:04pm on December the 17th. HOLY CRAP. It still feels really far away, but in mission time 11 weeks is nothing. So I don't know, but I definitely do not have the time to be trunky. I am racing to the finish line! All righty, well I am out. I've got several hours of reports now, haha it's the beginning of the month. So I'll try to upload some more pics! I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters, even though it was late! :) Mahal ko kayong lahat. 


Elder Rand 

PS My new comp is the one in the pic in front of me, to the right a tad bit, open-mouthed. Yep that's him ;) 

One of the coolest elders ever

So this is Elder Qima! First off, he has a $1million contract to play rugby in Fiji (his motherland) when he gets back. And secondly, his uncle killed Boromir in LOTR. Yeah, his uncle is that huge urukai that shoots Boromir with that bow! 

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