Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Please don't boycott me

Hey fam! 

Weellllllllllllllllllllllllll another week down. Time is going fast, but slow at the same time. Heh I don't know how to explain it. I am on section 116 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Anyway, things are going great. The mission just seems to drift on and on. But we had a baptism on Saturday! Bro. Samuel Nueva got baptized, and his little brother just passed his interview yesterday and will be baptized this Saturday. They are two nieces of this really strong member, their parents are over seas in the Middle East or somewhere (they did give permission for them to be baptized, haha..). So that was cool. 

Hm. What else...ah yes. We had a snake in our apartment this week! Talk about fun. 

This was before I decapitated it. So yeah. Got that goin' for us. 

Also, the conferences with Pres. Ardern were awesome. He talked to us a lot about being leaders, and helping our zones. I confess I was a little bit disappointed, because in the Mission Leadership Council he talked a lot about the numbers in missionary work, which I honestly get sick of. I feel sometimes like being a zone leader is just a numbers game. Like, my companion and I will get chastised for our zone's sucky work. So yeah. It gets a little bit frustrating sometimes. But anyway, his other workshop was to the whole mission, and that one was a lot better. 

This is from our MLC with Pres. Ardern, but he wasn't in the picture.. ;) 

Okay, other than that....I am doing well :) I am not just "skating" through the mission either. I remember dad telling me that. When he and I had walked through the gates together at the airport, he said "Don't just skate through the mission. It's possible to just skate through it." Thanks for that dad, I have thought of that a lot throughout my whole mission. 

Thanks for all of your letters as well! You guys are awesome. It's so nice to hear about life over there, back home. Here, it's like we're in a bubble, completely oblivious to what's happening in the "real world". The news I get from you guys is about it! Hahaha so thanks. It is aprreciated. I love you all so much! I am safe, I am healthy and all that jazz. Funny about that ice bucket challenge, heh. And mom, that is totally her, Sis. Larson. Haha! Ayyyy...Dad, can't wait for Panda Express. I mean, we totally have orange chicken and all that here, just, you know, without the orange sauce. So I mean we have chicken here. I love you guys! And that Panda Express comment has reminded me of another pic! 

Philippine's KFC. Notice the lack of delicious potatoes. Replaced by flavorless rice. Why oh why.....


Elder Rand

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