Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th

Hey guys! 

So I will apologize in advance, this letter might be a little short, we're trying to get these reports done fast...but anyway! Thanks for your letters! :) And parents, thanks for all the updates with missionaries who've headed out, that's super cool to hear. Mom, I will definitely look for that story in the Liahona! :) And are you guys planning on going to Nathan's wedding? That is so sad to hear..and I can't believe Erin is going home already! We were in the same batch going out to the MTC! That's nuts!! That feels like just yesterday..and what is up with all of those kids getting married?? 

Well my weeeeekkkk it was alright. My companion got sick one day so we had one day I was just sitting around the house. But I guess it was a nice break. Got to catch up on some sleep ;) Overall it just felt really, really slow. Kind of sluggish. But it was good. And yes, mom! Yesterday we had six investigators at church again! Whoooooo....So that is super exciting for us :) And I also got to meet with the stake leaders again and with President Clark in our Stake Missionary Coordination. Very cool opportunities.

Okay, I am so sorry, I will repent next week and write you all again, but a much better letter. Please know that I am safe and healthy and doing well. I love you all soooo much! 

-Elder Rand

Haha this is one Elder Stenquist sent, from our district and zone leaders council last week. Annnnnd that's my comp staring at the camera ;) hahah he is the coolest guy! 

@ zone interviews with me, Elder Tsunoda (the Japanese looking elder [he is a 1/2 japanese] *he's also one of the ap's*) and Elder Movilla

This may not look too good to you guys, but I cooked it and it was delicious. This is my favorite "ulam", called bikol express. It is pork with onions garlic and peppers, and a teeny tiny bit of bagoong cooked in coconut milk. It is the BEST. And "ulam" is what you eat with rice. So basically in the Philippines there are two food groups. Your rice is the first, and the second is whatever the heck you want to eat with it, or more simply, "ulam". :) 

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