Monday, June 23, 2014 I am in Santa Ignacia...

Hey dudes! Haha this week....blew my mind. Okay, so I was only in Guimba for 4 weeks, and now I am in Santa Ignacia. The area is probably the best area I've had in my mission, so many people are prepared to listen to us. And I had heard things about this area my entire mission, how amazing it was and how great the people are and all that but I never  even imagined I would get assigned here. And the other cool thing, my companion was a great leader when I first came in the mission, and I looked up to him a lot, and now we're companions! Crazy! So being a zone leader is all right (so far). It's a lot more reports and a lot more..I guess spiritual too. I actually feel more accountable for each missionary in this zone, and I've already felt the weight of the stewardship I've been given. It's just a lot more responsibility I guess. My companion is Elder Bausing, and he is the coolest comp I have ever had. I guess with all my other comps there has always been a huge culture-gap. But with Elder Bausing, he is like American. He talks about Star Wars and the Avengers and stuff, he knows more about comic books than anyone I know, and is just a super skilled missionary. We have a huge teaching pool here, but the problem is the distance to get to them. But that's just how it goes in the bukid ;) 

So yes, dad I actually can't tell you how many times I have thought about what I will tell people in my homecoming talk. I have thought about it for the last 16 months hahah! I just, I want people to see the change. I don't want to come back the same. I will definitely use my experiences from this mission too, don't worry :) And yes, I would kill for some Sweet Tomatoes, that sounds heavenly. And mom's cooking sounds better! 

Dad your training sounds legit. What is the exact title of your job? Whenever people ask what you do I tell them you're an anti-hacker. Hahaha I really have no clue though! 

That's so cool about all those homecomings and farewells. I had thought that the surge of missionaries was dying down a bit, but it sounds like it's still in full-force over there. And Tyler Porter sounds like a changed man! That is the coolest thing about missions. The very best comes out of us to serve the Lord. Oh and I did send Megan a short email. Just FYI mom, I have been trying to use proper spelling and grammar for this whole email, hahaha. 

So yes mom, we do pouch, but only to other missions in the Phils. and within our mission itself. So letters sent through the mail are all we can receive from back home. Uhmmmm.....I am sorry I did not carry my camera this week, because it's been pouring rain every day, but I will repent and carry it in plastic this week. Sis. Martino took a picture of me and my comp though, so you should be seeing that on her facebook.

All right, well thanks for all of your guys' letters! It sounds like this week is going to be super fun for you all! Provo, Vegas, roadtrips, flights....sounds awesome! Stay safe you guys, I miss you all and love you! As always I remain,

Your Son and Brother,

Elder Rand

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