Monday, June 2, 2014


Mom! Haha thanks for the email, it wasn't boring don't worry! But I will be honest, dad's email was so cool! Hahaha so I'll read your emails again, and try to answer questions first, since I'm so bad at that ;P Ah so yes, thanks for getting that info about Pima mom! I've written President Martino a formal letter now, because he asked me to do so, in which I requested to go home in the transfer in December. So we'll see! And yes, the Martino's are getting ready to go home. I am going to miss them so much, they are just the coolest people. But guess what, I talked to President about listening to his workshop on making money (he's a millionaire, he drove a ferarri before the mission) and he said that he would personally tutor me on business and making money after the mission if I would keep in touch with him. Whoa. Isn't that the coolest thing? He had an RM who applied the thing he learned from the workshop and approached President at a reunion. This RM now had multiple businesses here, and his primary focus was to get less-actives to church. So he owns a few little jeepney businesses. President said his next goal should be to own the company that makes the jeepneys. Hahaha yeah President is the man. 

So that picture from Sis. Martino, that's actually in my new area. In Guimba 3. That was in front of our area's chapel. It's such a beautiful area, but I do miss mountains, everything is flat.lly weird Katy Sprunt is serving a mission. What about Ian Vu? And I'll try to write Ethan if I have time after this. 

That's cool you all got to see Kimo. I'm glad he's got a new girlfriend who seems nice.

Well, as for me, this week has been killer. I've been trying to just focus on the work, and so we got 51 lessons this week. Hahaha one of the elders here was telling me the other day that he has a friend in Washington DC, and a good week for them is 3 lessons. Hahaha! So the way I look at it is: missionaries in 1st world countries, they have A/C, cars, bikes, nice apartments and delicious food, all the niceties in life. For us...We sweat when we work, walk, shower, and sit in the house, because our electric fans just blow hot air at us, we have few of the niceties in life, but.......... we get baptisms :) hahaha! 

I've also been doing a lot better with working out. My comp and I actually went jogging today! Super cool. And p90x is the best thing evahhh...

Well I am putting a couple o' pics on this email, of me and my comp, Elder Gallego, and our apartment because mom said she wants pics of where we're staying and all that. But MAN the internet sucks in the bukid. Anyway, I love you all. I honestly appreciate each of you soo much. Please be safe mahal ko kayong lahat! And as always, I remain,

Your Bro,

Elder Rand

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