Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey Family!

Well mom, I got that package! Thank you sooo much for the socks, they are being used well :) And thanks too for the updated family pic! And har har, mom that card is hilarious. Were you trying to tell me something? ;) Ohhh man that moment is still one of the great injustices of history, when I got chewed out for riding that kiddie car down the driveway, and not Kimo and Cait for pushing it ;) But I'm not bitter! Not bitter....

So I think the trek and all that is done now right? Mom are you done with camp and all that? How was it all?? Did Aleigha have fun being a trekkie? ;)  I hope you all had fun. I really miss those kinds of activities. And don't take them for granted! The youth here don't get to do stuff like that. Especially in a branch, the budget is super tight. And speaking of branches, ours just got reorganized. So our branch mission leader just got stepped-up to second councilor, which means we are branch mission leader-less because there is no one to replace him! Hahaha but that's just how life goes when you're not under ward organization. 

As for teaching, we are teaching a TON of people. Last week we had over 50 lessons, this week we had about 46 I think. The highest I've ever had in a week is 52 I think, and that was in my second area which had the strongest work, so this area is giving it a run for the money. The problem is how far everything is. We're encouraged to focus on the center of strength, or the area immediately surrounding the chapel. But the thing is all the members who live there won't talk to us, they've all apostatized and went to the catholic church because they're lazy, don't want to pay tithing, and don't want responsibility or a calling. Actually from what I've observed, that's always why people join the catholic church haha..Kinda sad, they think they're saved from listening to pastors with no authority pray...

Well I just want mom to know I am doing well, super healthy now. I eat well, sleep well, p90x 6 days a week, and walk several kilometers a day. The cool thing about it all, is even after p90x, I will go to bed exhausted and wake up and my body is just not sore. Promises of the Lord are true, aren't they? Pretty cool. 

That's it for this week. I love you all. And I am super excited about the news. Dec. 17...whew! Don't worry, I will spend every day well. I've already caught the vision of becoming. Be safe this week, be happy! :) Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat, ngunit makikita ko kayo sa pasko! :) Ito ang panahon para sa akin na makapaglingkod sa Pinakamanakapanyarihan! 

Magpakailanman, ang anak at kapatid nyo, 

Elder Rand

{Note: Kendric found out this week that he will be coming home December 17th, one transfer early, so he can start back to school in January. We're really excited that he will be home for Christmas!}

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