Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up on Emails

{Note: I was on vacation this past week, so I'm catching up on Kendric's last 2 emails in this post.}

May 25, 2014

Hey family!! Mom I am super sorry about the length of that email last week, but I had some really stupid problems going on with the files of my reports and it took up almost all of my time...

I am now follow-up training an Elder Gallego in an area called Guimba. I am in a branch again, branch 3. The area is in the country/farm-type land, which I missed, but I really do miss the strength of wards compared to branches. I can't wait to experience how a ward functions again in America. 

So I am doing really well mom, I really am. I actually feel the Spirit again in lessons, and in the house. My companion is super nice (so far, I've been wrong with first impressions before) and is really obedient. I have been working out with p90x for the last few days and I am feeling it ;) Man I put on some weight in Angeles...But here I think it will be very easy to lose it again, because the food is all fruits and veggies and healthy and stuff :) I want to go running or something but like in the Phils. they have these weird myths about things, like only tall people can run, and if you take a shower directly after working out you'll get like cancer or something. I dunno, it's weird. 

So I was in church yesterday, and there was this adorable little girl, she must've been like 4 years old. And I was at the door of the church greeting members because I was new yesterday, and this little girl walks up all reverently, arms folded and everything, and I'm just thinking "awww she's so cute!" and then she passes by me and her hand just like whips outta nowhere and smacks me in the crotch! And I'm just like crouching over in the doorway like gasping, and this other little boy sees me and he's just laughing his head off. I'm just sitting there thinking "where the heck am I". Then later after church, I was shaking hands with members and that little boy who was laughing earlier comes up arms all folded, and I didn't even see it coming, but his hand whips out and smacks me in the crotch again. Yeah. Anyway...that's my little rant about yesterday. Kids are the worst here, so undisciplined. I friggin hate the little devils. 

As for the work...there's a lot to improve in this area. Oh and I didn't get to see the baptism that happened on Saturday of our investigator in Angeles, but at least she still got baptized :) 

Mom thank you so much for everything in the package, it was ALL appreciated. Thank you all for your letters too :) That was literally my favorite part. And as for the milk, it is so delicious mom! I might just not remember what real milk tastes like, but that stuff is good. And you know what? We haven't gotten the Liahona yet with all the conference talks, which is realllly bugging me! I can't wait to re-read them all! But it's okay, I've downloaded a couple from lds.org. And I haven't heard from E. Hickenlooper, but maybe I'll send him a line or two....hey, could you maybe please send ethan's email to me? Thanks mom :) And I think I will write President about going home in December, but it might be too late. We'll see. 

Dad, that is a total bummer about your bear hunt!! Rrgh I was hoping you'd at least get a wolf or two ;) But I mean at least you got to see a lot of Alaska. I have always thought the pictures of it are the most beautiful places. But hey, I will definitely go hunting with you, and we'll do it the right way. Teach me master, the way of the hunt. Man...I am really bummed for you though dad...At least you got to spend time with your brother, huh? Hey speaking of which, please say hi to Kimo for me when you guys are up in Phoenix! That'll be pretty fun at least :) I love ya dad. 

Aleigha, you're gonna be a flippin senior. What. The. Heck. Remember when you were like a freshman and stuff??? HAahaha me too. Sounds like your SEP stuff will give you a good insight in Vet stuff too. So enjoi it! Hahaha anddd that's the asian way to spell enjoy....hm....I kinda didn't even realize i did that at first. 

Maile, thanks for your letter! That is so cool you guys are on summer vacation! super jealous dude. I can't believe you are in middle school, you have grown up super fast. I have this vivid memory of me putting you to sleep as a baby, kneeling next to your bed singing a lulabye, and Kimo comes in and calls me gay. Just to let ya know. You've grown up fast ;) And have fun in Phoenix, kay?? Man, enjoy the DRY heat!! Swerte...

Weeeelllll....that's all I have to write about i think. I am super sorry, I have a few pics to send but this comp shop doesn't have a card reader to borrow and i left mine in the appt. -_- But I love you all so much. You guys are truly the best, thank you for all you guys are doing for me. I hope you guys are all doing great, enjoing life and being safe. I love you all! Mahal ko kayong lahat :)

-Elder Rand
May 19, 2014

Mom and Dad!! Thank you guys sooo much for the package!! Ahhh it was the best thing ever. I got it a few days ago :) And I hope I wasn't too bad at conversation when we skyped last week...I feel a little self-conscious about how it went actually hahaha....but I have a lot of pics to send you guys this week! so standby, pictures incoming. :) Love you! Thanks parents and family!! :)

So these are two little street kids that came asking me for money, but I said I couldn't give them any but we took a selfie instead. And then the second pic is me with my Wildcats shirt (thank you!! :D) and a few mangoes (mmm....)

This was our p-day activity earlier this morning :)

Sis. morgan just forwarded me this pic from when we hiked arayat. Super fun, but man stenquist and i look gross ;) the jungle was so beautiful there though! 

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