Monday, May 5, 2014

17 days left in this transfer!!

Hey family! Man, this week has kicked my butt hahaha ;) I am so glad it is p-day. Oh man but I had a really cool experience on Saturday. Me and my companion were walking through this really run-down, poor and super densely-populated area, and so he and I are going through this narrow street, trying to get to our next appointment, and then all of a sudden I get a prompting to look to the right, and I see this alley. And all of a sudden I remember this super less-active family I had visited once on my second day in this area, so about four months ago, and I just know I'm supposed to go see them. So I tell my comp, and we start going down this alley, but then it turns into this kind of maze network. And I'm super lost, and I can't remember where to go, and so I say a silent prayer and just start turning this way and that through these alleys, and it took about a minute and a half, and then I look up and there house is right in front of me. Super cool. And then the second cool thing, we teach them, and their father listens to us. Now I had heard before over 4 months ago that this guy is super hostile towards the missionaries, he never listens to them, all that jazz. But he was there. He listened and participated. And then the third cool part, this family went to church yesterday. And it was fast and testimony meeting, and one of the daughters of this family went up to the pulpit, and bore her testimony how she knew that we had been guided, and that the Spirit had softened her dad's heart, and she started crying and it was so cool. Man, so cool. It was the most amazing feeling, just pure joy. Ahh so that's my cool experience of the week. Oh! Haha so I also got my middle finger chopped up last night from my electric fan. I was trying to point it up, and then my finger slipped through the cage thing and yeah. Haha I got a gnarly picture of it, I'll put it on this email. Anyway..

Mom, thanks so much for putting a package together for me :) I am so excited!! And that's fine about the family picture, the one I have right now is fine, people just can't find me when they look at it because I look so young there ;) And that's awesome the conference issue is already out. I thought the one about the Priesthood was the coolest talk, so much deep doctrine in there. Ah! And as for skype, I will be calling you here on Monday, or Sunday for you guy's, pretty early in the morning, maybe like 9 here, so for you all over there, maybe...6 in the evening-ish? Is that right? But oh my gosh I am so excited!! I can't believe the last time we skyped was 5 months ago. Holy cow. 

Haha dad I am excited you wrote me a letter! Actually, funny story I think I will be sending a few hand-written letters this week, since I am hoping the postal will be better from here in the city. I haven't tried it since Camiling, so we'll see. Man, your hunting trip is so close. That's so sick! When you're up there, what's the weather gonna be like? It shouldn't be outlandishly cold, right? Just bone-chilling cold? Hahaha just kidding, but does Alaska ever get to like, shorts-wearing weather? Probably not, huh? Thanks for telling me about Brandon's grandpa. I remember Brandon being a pretty good kid, he tried to do the right things always, so hearing about him preparing for his mission is awesome. He'll learn so much. And thanks for the encouragement dad. I know sometimes I am way too focused on numbers, but I think that's coming from being a DL. It's all just a numbers game sometimes, the Assistants to the Pres and ZL's all just pressure us to hit number goals and it is so stressful sometimes. But I have seen the fruit of my labors a few times, and that always makes it worth it. 

Aleigha, it sounds like you are a super busy, super motivated student, and you are handling it all really well from what the parents say. I am so proud of you! I know it is stressful and hard, but learning to deal with all that will help you so much, not to say that you'll be ahead of 98% of high school graduates when it's all said and done. Man that is so cool. What if we worked at TMC together when we got back? That would be weird hahaha ;) But how's life? Man, you didn't write this week! Or maile either! ;) 

Maile! What's up?? How's life dude?? Is everything going good? How old are you again? Like 11 right? Wait! Your birthday is soon right?? Are you going to be in YW's?? Wait...,is that right? Holy cow I can't believe how old you're getting. 

Anyway, next week I'll be talking to you all face-to-face, but that's all I have to say right now. I love you all! Hope you're all staying happy and safe. I miss you guys. 


Elder Rand

These are from our zone activity earlier today! We had a water fight, haha it was awesome. Sorry I'm wearing my texas shirt again mom.... ;) 

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