Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Family!

Hey all! HAPPY EASTER!! Man, so funny thing. I also spoke in sacrament for Easter, but I did it in ENGLISH. It was so hard! But my bishop asked me to because there were about six or seven foreigners in the audience, which was cool. So yes, holy week here is nuts. I'll put a pic on this email of what they do, Stenquist took the pic, I have a couple vids but they're too big to send. So what they do is they mask themselves, and get a whip with wooden rods on the end, and whip themselves while walking to a place where there's a kind of stall or stand, with someone singing scripture. While they walk they try to get followers, and so by the time they get to the stand, there are huge crowds of people following them. It is such a mockery of the Atonement. There are also people who do the same thing, but with crosses. So that was interesting. 

So I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually kind of nervous to talk with you all on Mother's Day, like usually it was just you four, but now with some of the other siblings? Ahhh....super nervous. Haha but super excited to talk with you guys! :) 

Stenquist is still with me in our apartment so that makes life a lot better. And we are indeed teaching people. It's kind of a bummer though because like half of our investigators in the past few weeks have moved to Manila for some reason. Haha but it's okay because I love finding people. 

Dad I am really really excited for you to get a bear! I really would want to go back with you to go moose hunting or something, and I guess get to know uncle Scott a bit better. Are you excited to see your brother again? How long has it been since you guys have last been together? 

Mom, could I request something? I have been carrying around our family picture from like 5 years ago, when Sis. Peery took them over in that one golf place community, what is that place called? That one community next to the wash? Anyway. So yeah could you please maybe send me a pocket sized picture of our latest family pic? If not that's cool :) Thanks mom! 

Aleigha, that is way cool you got asked to prom! just make sure that he  pays for the food and he doesn't show up in cornrows or I will kill him ;) 

Anyway, thanks for your letters everyone :) You guys are the best. I hope everything's going good in AZ. I love you all! Happy Easter :) 


Elder Rand

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