Monday, April 7, 2014

Emails & pix from the past 2 weeks

{This week's email...}

Hey all :)

So guess what?? Me and Elder Stenquist are going to the temple tomorrow!! In Manila!! Ahhhh I am sooo excited!! He has some members from his first area getting sealed and endowed, so I get to go with him!! :D Cannot even describe to you guys how stoked I am. And then I'll listen to conference this weekend!! Ahh spiritual high...From what you have told me in  your emails it sounds awesome. 

Dad, looks like it is pretty official that your gonna get a bear!! Just curious, what're you planning on doing with it? Are you gonna get a rug made? I was thinking you should get a bear coat made. And wear it. Hahah that'd be awesome. And shoot, from what you all emailed me, it sounded like Bolt was gonna die! And I haven't even met him yet! Tell that little guy to hang in there for me. I'm so excited to see normal dogs again.. ;) 

By the way, mom! I am super impressed you killed a rattle snake! Heheh you should've eaten it is what you should've done! Snake is good! It just has a lotttt of little bones that make eating it kind of a hassle ;) 

Aleigha, super proud of you for getting into the EMT program. I don't know if you remember this, but in my CNA class, about half of them took an EMT class during the summer, and then a lot of them got hired onto an ambulance team in Washington. Right out of high school!! How cool is that?? So keep it up dude :) 

Maile! Congrats for winning your volleyball game!! I guess you're gonna be all naturally good and stuff like Caitlin, huh? That's awesome dude. 

Soooo the mission is good. Just trying to endure the next few days for transfers. We'll see what happens. Haha funny you guys mentioned it, I am what other missionaries call a "mission tourist" where I just get transferred left and right and don't stay in an area too long. But I think one of these days I'm gonna be in an area for way longer than 3 months. We'll see. Elder Stenquist has definitely made this transfer one of the funnest,  despite it also being one of the hardest. And I'm so excited to go to the temple tomorrow. That should help a LOT. I love this mission though, and I'm making the best of everything.

So we had 7 investigators go to church yesterday, which is the most I've had since being in this area, so I think it's progressing. Our teaching pool took a hit this week because a couple of our really good investigators moved away. Blah. Ah well. We're finding new ones :) 

So I put a few pics on here, one is me and Roseanne, our recent convert. And then the other is a picture of some Spamsilog, or spam with fried rice and eggs. Mmmmm....haha I love you all! Thanks so much for everything :) Ah and mom I don't need anything in particular for that package, but thanks so much!! I am so excited! Oh wait! I really don't mean to be annoying about this, but just the p90x vids would be fantastic :) Thanks all! Love you! 

-- Elder Rand

{Last week...}

Dang that's a sweet cat!! Bishop is the man. What kind of rifle did he use? Ahhh flip I miss Arizona. It has its own kind of beauty. Haha thanks for updating me on sports too dad. Sucks they lost! Any other awesome things going on in America? I've actually talked to a couple of joe's here who talked about how the economy is supposed to crash or something by the end of this year..? Not sure I believe it, they were kinda sketchy people. Dad sounds like work is keeping you busy up til your Alaska trip! Man I am so stoked for you! More spiritually, I am way stoked for conference too. This is gonna be my 3rd time wathcing conference in the Phils. Weird right?? 

Well it sounds like nana was cool and stuff..she is such a sweet old lady. Did she speak any Ilokano while she was there? I wonder if she remembers any Tagalog? 

Mom, I am indeed staying healthy. I try to eat the best foods while I'm still in the city. It's actually a lottt easier to eat healthy in the bukid, but the city's all right too. I really really miss your cooking mom!! Oh my goodness! I want some tacos or something! My you guys still do taco Sundays? Cuz that's definitely the best idea ever. I might have mangoes here mom, but I miss your cooking more than I can describe!! 

I like those quotes you sent me too, especially the "Here am I, send me". I have a friend here, Elder Lytle. We were in the same district in the MTC. He wrote an amazing song for the piano called that, with lyrics. It is soooo cool. 

So things are going well here I guess. I feel I might stay in Angeles a bit longer, we'll see. The work has been a bit hard, but we're trying to build a stronger teaching pool. It's coming a little bit at a time. We're working hard :) 

Well that's my life right now, I love you all so much. Thanks for your support. You truly are the best family ever. I miss you all so much! I will see you all soon enough :)


Elder Rand 

ps. the pics are from last week, on top of mt. arayat!

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