Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Family!

Hey all! HAPPY EASTER!! Man, so funny thing. I also spoke in sacrament for Easter, but I did it in ENGLISH. It was so hard! But my bishop asked me to because there were about six or seven foreigners in the audience, which was cool. So yes, holy week here is nuts. I'll put a pic on this email of what they do, Stenquist took the pic, I have a couple vids but they're too big to send. So what they do is they mask themselves, and get a whip with wooden rods on the end, and whip themselves while walking to a place where there's a kind of stall or stand, with someone singing scripture. While they walk they try to get followers, and so by the time they get to the stand, there are huge crowds of people following them. It is such a mockery of the Atonement. There are also people who do the same thing, but with crosses. So that was interesting. 

So I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually kind of nervous to talk with you all on Mother's Day, like usually it was just you four, but now with some of the other siblings? Ahhh....super nervous. Haha but super excited to talk with you guys! :) 

Stenquist is still with me in our apartment so that makes life a lot better. And we are indeed teaching people. It's kind of a bummer though because like half of our investigators in the past few weeks have moved to Manila for some reason. Haha but it's okay because I love finding people. 

Dad I am really really excited for you to get a bear! I really would want to go back with you to go moose hunting or something, and I guess get to know uncle Scott a bit better. Are you excited to see your brother again? How long has it been since you guys have last been together? 

Mom, could I request something? I have been carrying around our family picture from like 5 years ago, when Sis. Peery took them over in that one golf place community, what is that place called? That one community next to the wash? Anyway. So yeah could you please maybe send me a pocket sized picture of our latest family pic? If not that's cool :) Thanks mom! 

Aleigha, that is way cool you got asked to prom! just make sure that he  pays for the food and he doesn't show up in cornrows or I will kill him ;) 

Anyway, thanks for your letters everyone :) You guys are the best. I hope everything's going good in AZ. I love you all! Happy Easter :) 


Elder Rand

Monday, April 14, 2014

Same area, Same comp

Family! :) 

Oh my gosh. So I'm with my comp for another transfer, same area, same everything. But thankfully this week has been packed full of the spirit, and that's put everything in perspective for me, especially the temple.

So I didn't get to see the new new one, but the old new one. Does that make sense? Hahaha but oh my gosh, it was so deep and amazing. And not only that, but I got to witness a couple of sealings. They were so cool, even though I didn't really know the people, because they were from Elder Stenquist's first area, it was still an awesome experience. I needed it so much. 

And then conference! My gosh, all the talks were so good. Oh but wait, so mom you asked about when I had an experience teaching the resurrection. Hahaha so many, but the most recent and the one most fresh in my mind is this. We're teaching a young single mother, and she's got two kids. So we're teaching her the start of the Plan of Salvation, and she goes, "I think I already know what happens to our spirits. We come back, like as a spirit animal." I was like 'what the....' and then she says "yeah, like reincarnation or something like that, right?" And I was like ohhhh nope. 'Actually, let's look at what happened to the Saviour, and what that means for us.' And we went through the resurrection, and afterwards she was soooo joyful, because she realized she would get to be together with her husband again someday, through the Grace of Christ and the Gospel, and not come back as a butterfly. She just had the biggest smile when she understood it. We were so happy for her too. Just a cool little experience haha. 

Dad, I am so stoked for you to go to Alaska, keep me updated of the hunt! How long will you be up there for? Are you taking your .308? That's pretty cool, how big are the bears gonna be? What kind of ammo are you gonna use? I imagine 150gr might not be enough to take a bear down..? Man I am so excited for you...bleh..and that is so dang cool you're gonna get a rug made! Arrghhh! If you get a wolf or two, you should made a coat. Hahahahaha...ah!

Mom, I don't think I need anything, except some socks would be nice. I bought like three packs like two transfers ago, but my housemate who just transferred I think took most of them :/ So it would definitely help hahaha :) I am using that oil stuff you sent me, even though it smells like old people. I like that green bottle one's smell a lot better haha ;) Oh but could I just request some twix? Thanks so much mom :) By the way!! We are so close to skyping again!! Can you believe it's been 4+ months already since the last time we skyped?? I am so excited! Anyway...I gotta go. But I hope you guys liked the pics. I love you all! Please know I am alive and well :) 


Elder Rand

So this is me and Stenquist and a few others, we bought ice cream from this awesome place that gives it to you in a coconut bowl, and drizzles it with coconut syrup stuff, and has slices of young coconut at the bottom of the bowl. It is soooo good! Don't worry, we don't eat it all the time, actually that's the first time. Hahahaha ;) 

This is our ward mission leader getting his mission call! He's going to Cavite :) 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Emails & pix from the past 2 weeks

{This week's email...}

Hey all :)

So guess what?? Me and Elder Stenquist are going to the temple tomorrow!! In Manila!! Ahhhh I am sooo excited!! He has some members from his first area getting sealed and endowed, so I get to go with him!! :D Cannot even describe to you guys how stoked I am. And then I'll listen to conference this weekend!! Ahh spiritual high...From what you have told me in  your emails it sounds awesome. 

Dad, looks like it is pretty official that your gonna get a bear!! Just curious, what're you planning on doing with it? Are you gonna get a rug made? I was thinking you should get a bear coat made. And wear it. Hahah that'd be awesome. And shoot, from what you all emailed me, it sounded like Bolt was gonna die! And I haven't even met him yet! Tell that little guy to hang in there for me. I'm so excited to see normal dogs again.. ;) 

By the way, mom! I am super impressed you killed a rattle snake! Heheh you should've eaten it is what you should've done! Snake is good! It just has a lotttt of little bones that make eating it kind of a hassle ;) 

Aleigha, super proud of you for getting into the EMT program. I don't know if you remember this, but in my CNA class, about half of them took an EMT class during the summer, and then a lot of them got hired onto an ambulance team in Washington. Right out of high school!! How cool is that?? So keep it up dude :) 

Maile! Congrats for winning your volleyball game!! I guess you're gonna be all naturally good and stuff like Caitlin, huh? That's awesome dude. 

Soooo the mission is good. Just trying to endure the next few days for transfers. We'll see what happens. Haha funny you guys mentioned it, I am what other missionaries call a "mission tourist" where I just get transferred left and right and don't stay in an area too long. But I think one of these days I'm gonna be in an area for way longer than 3 months. We'll see. Elder Stenquist has definitely made this transfer one of the funnest,  despite it also being one of the hardest. And I'm so excited to go to the temple tomorrow. That should help a LOT. I love this mission though, and I'm making the best of everything.

So we had 7 investigators go to church yesterday, which is the most I've had since being in this area, so I think it's progressing. Our teaching pool took a hit this week because a couple of our really good investigators moved away. Blah. Ah well. We're finding new ones :) 

So I put a few pics on here, one is me and Roseanne, our recent convert. And then the other is a picture of some Spamsilog, or spam with fried rice and eggs. Mmmmm....haha I love you all! Thanks so much for everything :) Ah and mom I don't need anything in particular for that package, but thanks so much!! I am so excited! Oh wait! I really don't mean to be annoying about this, but just the p90x vids would be fantastic :) Thanks all! Love you! 

-- Elder Rand

{Last week...}

Dang that's a sweet cat!! Bishop is the man. What kind of rifle did he use? Ahhh flip I miss Arizona. It has its own kind of beauty. Haha thanks for updating me on sports too dad. Sucks they lost! Any other awesome things going on in America? I've actually talked to a couple of joe's here who talked about how the economy is supposed to crash or something by the end of this year..? Not sure I believe it, they were kinda sketchy people. Dad sounds like work is keeping you busy up til your Alaska trip! Man I am so stoked for you! More spiritually, I am way stoked for conference too. This is gonna be my 3rd time wathcing conference in the Phils. Weird right?? 

Well it sounds like nana was cool and stuff..she is such a sweet old lady. Did she speak any Ilokano while she was there? I wonder if she remembers any Tagalog? 

Mom, I am indeed staying healthy. I try to eat the best foods while I'm still in the city. It's actually a lottt easier to eat healthy in the bukid, but the city's all right too. I really really miss your cooking mom!! Oh my goodness! I want some tacos or something! My gosh..do you guys still do taco Sundays? Cuz that's definitely the best idea ever. I might have mangoes here mom, but I miss your cooking more than I can describe!! 

I like those quotes you sent me too, especially the "Here am I, send me". I have a friend here, Elder Lytle. We were in the same district in the MTC. He wrote an amazing song for the piano called that, with lyrics. It is soooo cool. 

So things are going well here I guess. I feel I might stay in Angeles a bit longer, we'll see. The work has been a bit hard, but we're trying to build a stronger teaching pool. It's coming a little bit at a time. We're working hard :) 

Well that's my life right now, I love you all so much. Thanks for your support. You truly are the best family ever. I miss you all so much! I will see you all soon enough :)


Elder Rand 

ps. the pics are from last week, on top of mt. arayat!