Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly email & pix

Hey family!

Hahaha, so I'm glad those pics of me at zone conference made it to the facebook ;) Hahaha I tried to photobomb as many as I could!! Heheh...

And mom, dad's emails are pretty dang cool with all the pics and all, but I still love yours too!! Haha, and hey! Thanks for the pics by the way! Gemma is suppper cute!!

Dad, thank you for sharing about my mission, that made me feel really good that is seemed to have an impact. This mission is the best thing ever, and even though it has also been the most challenging thing I have ever done, it is so worth it. Not just for me, but for those I can help. I am doing my best to be consecrated.

Oh my gosh, the zone conference we went to this week was soooo good. What Pres. Martino did was go through the last 24 hours of the Saviour's life, using the bible videos and us singing hymns between videos. It was so powerful. And the mission training plan this month is on becoming a master teacher, following the way Jesus Christ taught, and it is so cool. We are focusing on teaching pure doctrine, teaching lessons using purely inspired questions from the Spirit, and it is so cool. And I didn't realize it, but the last several months have been focused on reaching this one outcome of becoming a master teacher. It started out in the summer, June-ish, focusing on sanctification, purging ourselves from our old sins. Then we moved to consecration, giving our all to the Lord, and then to being covenant-keepers, focusing on the covenants we have made to the Lord. And finally, we have reached becoming master teachers. It is the coolest thing, and I look around at myself, and all the missionaries who have actually followed the training, and the transformation is so amazing. I feel like every struggle and trial for the last year have been preparing me to become a master teacher. And at the end of that conference, president gave us a fresh Book of Mormon, and told us to study purely the Atonement. It has been so cool every morning getting to focus my study on the Atonement. In addition to that I am re-reading Jesus the Christ, and it has just been so spiritual the last few weeks. Man I love it.

Dad, I like what you wrote about Sis. Hoyt. It is true, it really is. We talked about Jesus invites us to be like Him, but in this life that is impossible to be perfect, but in the life to come we can obtain it. It is the path we choose in this life however that prepares us for perfection in the next. Carry on! I hope you are feeling better now, too. That bites you were sick for so long, and couldn't exercise.

Hey! Speaking of which, I'm sorry to be a bother, but have you had a chance yet to convert p90x? If not, it's okay, but I am really looking forward to it :) Thanks dad! And mom!! Oh my gosh, I know everything that you're talking about, but I think some of the names for those desserts are in Ilokano, I'm not sure. But that coconut mochi stuff in the coconut milk stuff is the BEST. It's called bilo-bilo here, and I love it! And lumpia is like just the best. I hope you know it is mango season here, and I am eating them EVERY DAY!! Hahahaha just kidding, I love you mom ;) But seriously, every day.

So....that's my life. I tried to make this moer in-depth and descriptive hahaha. I love you all, thanks for everything you are doing. I miss you all so much, and everyday is a day closer, but I'm making the most of it :) 


Elder Rand


We went to a place called Nayong Pilipino, and so these are a few pics from that :) So there were 24 of us, and that pic is with us all in one jeepney -_- hahaha ;) love you guys!

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