Monday, March 10, 2014

Magandang hapon, mga tao.

Magandang hapon, mga tao. Tatayo ba ang tunay na 'slim shady?' *good afternoon, people. will the real slim shady please stand up?*

Heh, so this week has been pretty cool! We've been tearing it up with the work, and have been purging the area. I guess what I mean by that is we've been really focusing on no time wasted, finding those investigators who are really progressing and have that desire to listen and act. It's been hard, in fact we only had one investigator go to church yesterday, so we took a hard blow this week, but hopefully we'll see the fruits in the upcoming weeks. 

So I'm getting way good at cooking fried rice. Haha, basically we've been living off that for the last few days. The other day Stenquist and I made pancakes!! Hahah yeah, sweet right? I know that probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is! Because you can only get stuff to make pancakes in the city, so this is a first for me in this mission ;) I did in fact like the powdered milk mom! And as for the breathe stuff, I am running low. The only stuff I got from you was back when I was in Bamban, so I don't know if customs might have taken it, or if it never made it in the package. Thanks for writing more about your past. I really do appreciate it mom. It's pretty cool getting to know more about your parents' culture here. And I hear Ilocos Norte is super beautiful. I just..ha I wish it was easier to learn Ilokano! 

Thanks for sending pics of Cait's baby!! She is so cute! All right, I gotta write the girls, but I love you parents, and family. You guys are the best! Stay strong. 


Elder Rand

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