Monday, March 3, 2014


HAHA! Guess what happened this transfer??? Me. Stenquist. Housemates. Boom. This is my life!! AHhhhhh it is the greatest. He is the man. So I am still in Angeles, but I have a new companion. Elder Larita. He's from Tacloban, the place Yolanda hit. But his family's all safe and that. Things are going all right in this area, we had a few investigators dropped this week, one stumbled into some anti-Mormon trash on the internet, and the other got super offended. So we'll see what happens with those..Other than that, life is great here. Thank you for the package!! I did indeed get my debit card, thank you so much. And thanks so much for everything else, it was perfect :) 

So this last week I met a ward member from Cabiao. Do you remember? That was my second area! And it was the area I was in for only 6 weeks. So back then, I always thought I didn't really leave too much of an impression there, but this sister I met, we baptized her husband. And it was the coolest thing to see how her and her family is doing now. You can just tell they are so much happier, and the Gospel is important to them. Ahh it was the best feeling ever!! And this week I got to dedicate a grave for a member who died! It was really cool! I mean, not that I'm excited about her dying, that's horrible, but I mean the things I've gotten to do on this mission that have helped build my testimony of the Priesthood are numerous. Actually yesterday, the sisters in my district called us while we were at church, and said they needed an emergency blessing. Sister Naldoza had blacked out and was feeling nauseous and light headed so we headed over there and gave her a blessing. I called them later last night, and she was completely fine! It was so cool, the Priesthood is real. And church was such a good experience this week too. I met an American from Bountiful, who bore testimony yesterday. He works for UPS and so he goes all over the world, and he and I talked for a bit. He gave such a cool testimony. Sorry I'm all over the place with this letter!

The temple dedication sounds like it was amazing! That's so cool the first presidency went! And Pres. Leseure sounds like an amazing guy. I'm glad it was a spiritual experience. I cannot tell you how excited I am to go to the temple again! And man, I guess I'm gonna have a new niece soon?? What's up??? 

Ah dad, I'm gonna type up that thing for you. I might use some of the same experiences in this letter, is that okay? I love you guys, thank you for all your prayers and love. I miss you all! Be safe :) 


Elder Rand

{Kendric also wrote the following letter to me to use as a 'report' of his mission to date in our ward, something the Bishop has asked for...}

Well, I'm Elder Rand. I'm serving in the Angeles Zone, of the Philippines Angeles Mission, in an area called Balibago. I am a District Leader, one of five in our zone. Right now, we have a very inconsistent teaching pool, as we find and drop investigators every day, and search for those who will hear our message, the "elect" we might say. One of the elect that we have been teaching is Glen. He is a Baptist, and has started seriously investigating the Church. He is humble, and thirsty for knowledge. Teaching him and numerous others has given me a deep appreciation for this Church. I have taught Roman Catholics, Born Again, Baptists, Free Masons, Knights of Colombus, Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehova's Witnesses, and sooo many others. And each other religion may have a truth or two, some may have several truths, but none of them have the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I suppose one thing I would have studied more diligently before this mission is the words of the living prophets, and those who have lived in this final dispensation. They are inspired, revelatory messages that will bless all in the human family who accept them. There are no holes in the doctrine of Mormonism, there are no unexplained concepts or missing pieces of authority. And all of it is traced to the Priesthood of God, and the infinite and eternal Atonement of our Saviour Jesus the Christ. I have learned so much of Him, he is the Master Teacher, the Master Physician, the Master of us all. And His authority exists this day in the living prophets of this Church. I have had many experiences that have confirmed this truth to me, through the grace of Him who giveth all things. I have seen first-hand the works of God manifest through the Priesthood. I have seen the sick healed, devils conquered, and hearts and lives changed through His power. It is real. One experience in particular comes to my mind. While serving in Cabiao, I met the sister of an investigator. She was sick, and pregnant. She was also an elect soul. She asked for a blessing, and had the faith to be healed. She was. Her testimony grew. She came to know the Authority exists in our time. I wish I could tell every young man preparing to serve that the Priesthood he holds is true, that he needs to always be worthy to hold it. I guess that's it. I love you all, and wish you all the very best. Thank you for your love and prayers! Mahal ko kayo. 

-Elder Rand

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