Monday, February 3, 2014

In the city... (Angeles)

Hey dudes! 

Dad, that email was sweet! Definitely cannot wait to go out shooting with you again. That's so sick the quad and your rifle. And the fence you put up actually looks pretty good! Hahaha not that that should be a surprise to me or anything.. ;) Hahaha just kidding. But man I'm so excited to see what everything's like back at home. 

Mom, your auto-biography thing (what is that called?) sounds exactly like here. And chicharon, it's pretty good I guess. I hate the blood pudding stuff (it's called 'dinuguan' here) they make out of the pig and chicken blood though. Ugh it's so disgusting. And everyone's always like "eat it eat it!" and I'm tell them "once is enough!" Haha and then on the news one day they were talking about how that can have Hepatitis and stuff in it. Yuck. And hey that's cool you guys had a baby shower with Cait :) How is she? How're my other siblings? I don't hear from anyone anymore. Caitlin wrote me a card though! :) I think next time I'm in Tarlac I'll try sending some real letters. I think it'll be okay here in Angeles too, I just have to find the post office...

So...yes. It is close to one year. Can't believe it! It feels like a lot less time than that. It's just a little bit daunting that everything I've been through needs to be done again, minus learning a language. But here in Angeles...I don't know. It's the most American-influenced city in the whole Phils., and it's weird sometimes. This morning I had real butter on toast with jam. I haven't had real butter since being in the field. It's just really weird sometimes! Ah but I guess I'll tell you WHY I had bread and butter. So this ward member, she's an elderly lady, who just moved here from Hawaii. She asked us at church yesterday if we could help her move in to her house. So this morning we agreed, and before we went to work she took us to this way nice hotel restaurant and I ate American food!! :O Anyway, that's not the coolest part. I started this conversation with an American sitting next to us at this restaurant, and it's obvious he's pretty wealthy, he's got a Mercedez parked outside and such. And I ask him what he's doing here. Turns out he's a treasure hunter. Like, an actual Indiana Jones kinda guy. He said he's actually pretty familiar with Tucson because he used to go down to Mexico to go explore caves and stuff. And here, I guess during WWII when the Japanese came here, they brought tons and tons of gold and platinum and stuff because they were planning on this island being their little Tokyo. Then America won and they had to leave it all. And so he told me his team is working on a project "up north" where they expect to find a hoard of 150 metric tons of gold. Nuts right?? And he showed me some of the gold and stuff he's found, it's nuts! Just a really cool guy. And I appreciated that he wasn't here for girls. So that's my story for the week. 

As for the work here, it's really good. My district is doing great with the work, we're all just really excited. We actually hit the highest standards in the mission this week in the most important categories. Being in the city is just such a  good experience, because it's helping me really refine my skills. In the rural areas, you can just kinda get by not really scheduling appointments too well, taking time in appointments, things like that. But here every minute of every day needs to be planned exactly. And you need back-up plans and back-ups for your back-ups. I'm learning how to use time wisely every single day, dropping investigators that aren't progressing and immediately finding people who will listen. So it's good, it is really good. There are a lot of things I miss about the farm-ish areas, but things here are a lot better in terms of progression as a missionary. 

Well, that's it I guess. I put a couple pics on this email, from a service project we did in our area. I love you guys, thanks for all you are doing for me. Thank you for your prayers. They are always appreciated and needed. Be safe! Dad, good luck with work. Hope you don't get too stressed or anything. Love you all! 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo, 

Elder Rand

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