Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey family! So I did get a new camera!! Thank you so much, you are the best :) So here are the first pictures ever taken with my new camera. Hope you enjoy! Elder Wick and I are in the same zone again, which is pretty cool. And then the other pics are in Air Force City, in Clark AFB. If you remember, this is the AFB that the US evacuated back when Mt. Arayat exploded. So it's a really cool area, and it feels like I'm in America when I'm over there. Ahh sigh...America. ;) 

Dad, it sounds like work is getting pretty stressful. But at least your hunting trip and exercise is helping a bit, it sounds like. That's so cool you get to get out every once in a while and just adventure. It sounds like the quad was definitely worth getting :) And it sounds like you guys are not going to move after all! Pretty cozy in AZ. That's cool about the wall/fence. I am so excited to see nice, well-mannered, rabies-free dogs for once. Believe it or not, I miss that little furball (that's Carmel). Heheh. I'll try not to cook her when I get back, kay? And that's cool about the plaques! Please give them an updated picture though, not back in those days of glutenous living/all-day sleeping. Hahaha ohhh man... Mom, the church is pretty strong here. It's nice to be in a ward again, branches have so many problems, and nothing seems to get done. It does feel like we are in the world, but doing our best to not be of the world. I really have grown to love this area already, the members are all great people, and the people may not be quite as soft-hearted as those from the rural areas, but they are approachable (for the most part). Ah! I actually talked to a really really nice American the other day, weirdest thing ever. I think I probably sounded like an idiot, because I can't remember how to be polite in conversations, so I was using 'sir' like everyother word. "Sir, where are you from?" "I grew up in Arizona, near Mesa" "Oh sir! No way sir! That's pretty close to where I live sir." (Actual excerpt from our conversation). I'm gonna die when I come home. 

So I am going to get some new socks today hopefully. But if I could request one thing, just some floss. That would help so much. I bought floss here and it felt like I was flossing with a chainsaw. Haha I just do NOT want to go to the dentist here, so I have been taking WAY good care of my teeth. Heheh. 

Wait, how's Maile? I hear you're getting braces!! That's cool! Don't worry about what people say, because once they're off, you'll have beautiful teeth for the rest of your life. So it's really worth it :) How's your guitar learning going? Are you still doing choir/piano? Has there been any cool new music that's come out since I've been gone? 

All righty, welp...I'm gonna call it a wrap. I love you guys so much! Really, thank you for all that you are doing. I am staying healthy, and abstaining from all that fatty American food. Actually, in this area I have access to really healthy food. I've been eating granola and fruit for breakfast every day for breakfast this week, and really just being very conscientious. So I'm still trying to get better looking ;) All right! I love ya'll. Please stay safe and happy! I am praying for you all, especially my siblings. 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo, 

Elder K.H. Rand

And this is my new comp! (Elder Salado):

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