Monday, January 6, 2014

Naimbag nga melem (Ilocano yan!)

Grabe family, that was so cool talking to you guys. And I got my package!! It was actually later that day. fantastic. Thank you all so much! Maile, that drawing of Jesus is sooo cool. It's hanging up in my studyroom. And Aleigha, that snowman dude was a little loopy. That's weird disney made a Christmas movie! Haha thanks dude :) And mom and dad! THank you for everything, seriously. you are the Mom those oils smell so good. And they help a lot! I'm not gonna lie I thought the whole oils thin was a little bonkers when you first told me, but they're actually way cool! Sometimes I just sit there and sniff them for like...hours. Hahaha just kidding, but seriously..

Mom thanks for writing that story about you. That was really cool to read! And you know, being a Filipino/American here is like...way cool. This really is a cool opportunity to learn more about our roots, and the kind of people our ancestors were. The culture here is so different, the people are so different, the food, basically everything is different! But this is where your grandparents are from, and it's cool to know I'm where they were. And man, Ilocano is flippin weird.  

Dad, not gonna lie, definitely a little bit jealous you're going bear hunting!! And that's cool you got out scouting a bit this week. Perfect day. How's the swim/bike/running? Do you have a triathlon coming up anytime soon? 

Well, I don't have too much to say this week. Man, I can't believe I had an accent. I asked all the American missionaries and they all said we've been in the Philippines too long because they can't tell! Hahaha, well hey, happy new year! Aleigha have fun at your dance, ah by the way Elder Stenquist wants to write you. Is that okay..? He's so funny. All right. I love you all, be safe on new year's! Ah! Real quick, we should be having a baptism Jan 11, the primary boy is getting baptised through the branch so his is on Jan 4, but DonnaBel is set for Jan 11. All righty, be safe, I love you, bye-bye :) 


Elder Rand  

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