Monday, January 6, 2014

Ang baho ng mga kilikili nyo! (Your armpits are really smelly) Good Tagalog phrase to know.

Heheh! Hello family! Happy 2014!! Uhhhh...So New Year's was NOT dramatic at all. But I think in the more city-ish areas it was. But in Bamban..? No. Like, there were a few fireworks, but nothin' all that cool. Oh! So yes I withdrew! That was me! I still have my card haha and I figured if it's gonna expire in Feb I ought to withdraw. That $200ish I had at the start of my mission has lasted me until now, but I ran out last month so I just withdrew that. I can use that for a camera though, is that the plan? I'm not sure when I will be able to get to Tarlac to buy one though. However there is a mall opening here in Camiling the day before transfers on Jan 16, but I don't know if I'll transfer or not. Anyway. Parents thanks a lot for your little auto-biographies! Really, it's really cool getting to learn all this! :) And dad, I am super stoked for moose, but don't worry it's not getting me trunky or anything. That ship has sailed...(for now). So you were really close to Uncle Scott back in the day. What happened now that you guys have kind of separated a bit? But that's cool, it seems like now you guys are getting back together again with this hunting :) Hahaha mom that sounds exactly like the little boys here. There are these vine-weed things that ahve these little flippin' razor kinda things on them, and they whip each other with them! It hurts!! Hahaha :) And dad I can't believe you got ganged up on! I guess we were pretty dang sheltered growing up. I remember that house on Bayou Dr. that was kinda scary sometimes. But then we moved and Vail has been great. Man. So mom, new calling! That's way cool! Maile sounded really excited in her email to me that you're in primary with her :) 

So last Sunday we were teaching one of our investigators, she's 11 years old. So on Sunday we taught her the Word of Wisdom. And we told her the things that we need to abstain from, and then that if we do our bodies will be healthy and we can run and not be weary and walk and not faint. So we teach her this, and she really gets it. The next day (P-day) my companion and I are playing basketball and since he's way out of shape he does something to his foot and he gets a bit of a limp. So we go over to this little girls house to teach her and she notices my companions limp and she's says: "Elder, what's wrong? You haven't been drinking coffee, have you..?" And she does that one face where she lifts an eyebrow, and you totally know she's judging you. Hahaha it was sooo funny! My companion got totally schooled by a little 11 year old girl. Heh heh. Anyway, so as for new experiences...Hmmm.....okay so one of my favorite foods is called goto, and it's this rice porridge with cow intestines in it, and it's actually suuuuper good! So that's about it. I'm sorry this was kind of a average week. But hey, I love you guys! I hope you had a good new years, and that 2014 will be a great year! :) 


Elder Rand

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