Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pictures... More Picha's!

First off, I am trying really hard to be exactly obedient and it really restricts our email time. So I am trying to make a quality email for you guys, and I think the thing mom and dad like the best is pictures, so I will try to send a lot today! But I do apologize for a lack of a letter. I am doing very well, getting along a whole lot better with my companion. Secondly, I will be calling you in 9 days!! :) I will try to call early in the morning here, maybe about 8 or 9ish here, which I think is early evening there. I will be skyping you guys, and will make sure things are all good with that next week. I believe I should have dad's skype name still. So I hope you guys like the pictures. We didn't have an oven to bake those cupcakes so I just made batter and ate that! ;D Also, the banner was really long so I wore it. Oh my goodness that package was the bomb.com. Thank you all sooo much! I did receive everything just fine, it didn't look like they searched it or anything. Thank you so much family :) 
The other pictures are of us building a part of a house for the Eugenio family. So I have more pictures to send, but I don't think they'll fit in one email, so look for another email I'll be sending ASAP. I love you guys! :) Happy birthday Aleigha!! :)  Dad, bummer about all that happened to you this week! Haha I hope your traveling this week goes better. That is soo cool about the deer you saw! I can't wait to go out with you again. Well, I'll send this email cuz it's about full, but look for more! 

Elder Rand

These pictures are some of the primary kids in our branch. We went for a little hike with them. The boy is our investigator, he'll be baptized on Dec. 28th

I love you family! Happy holidays :)


Elder K.H.Rand

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  1. That place is so familiar to me. I think we've been there together with TheFamily. Thanks for sharing!