Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kumusta brads!

Hey fam! 

So I'm glad to hear everything that's going on with you guys! That's a bummer dad has to travel on Sunday..but kinda cool he's going to NY..? Hahaha hey mom! I did get my package today! Me and my comp went to Tarlac today to go to the mall cuz he needed a few things and I got to pick it up from the office. Thank you sooo much!! I haven't opened it yet, but will as soon as I get a chance later :D:D Thank you so much family! 

So this week has been kind of hard..I will be honest I was a bit trunky this week. But I did what the Prophet said to and just went to work. We killed the work this week! This week we have had the highest number of lessons since I've been in this area. I like the days where I don't have time to think about myself, where I can really just go out and do good. We've also been doing a lot of community service. We actually helped build a house the other day, I learned how to mix cement and all that jazz. I have some pics but I forgot my camera today sorry :( So today I was on the bus going to Tarlac and they had some talk radio thing on, and I realized without really thinking about it I was understanding everything they were saying! It was so cool! Finally, I'm at the point where it's not too hard to translate what I'm hearing. I also got a haircut earlier and was pullin out some Ilocano with the barber :) But that's still really hard actually. I don't understand hardly anything to be honest hahah ;) 

So rainy season is officially over, and won't be back until next May! Woo hoo! AND that means Mangoes are coming soon... :D So excited. But it doesn't feel like Christmas at all. It's actually summer here right now -_- Hahaha but the theme of the mission right now is white Christmas, not in snow, but the people who will be getting baptised this month. We have a couple in our area who should be getting baptized on the 28th. So excited!! :) 

So I got Caitlin's letter today! It sounds like she is happy. Kimo also sent me a birthday card I got today :) I can't wait to see everyone again. One of my best friends here is going home tomorrow, medical release. Elder Whittemore, I think I mentioned him to you guys. I'm gonna miss him a lot. 

WELL. I guess I'll call it a wrap here. Thank you so much for all you guys are doing. I read in some old Liahona yesterday "a mission is a family affair". It just reminded me just how much you are all doing for me. Thank you. I love you. Please know that I am safe and working hard :) Til we meet! 

Elder Rand 

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