Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Dudes (The dude abides)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! And man I miss Thanksgiving. You know what we did for Thanksgiving? Me and Elder Whittemore bought "burgers". 'Murica. Ah and I found out he's going home soon because of a problem with his back...which really sucks because we were in the MTC together and we're way good friends. That's gonna be kind of hard I think..

But anyway, thanks a lot for all of your support. My birthday was pretty awesome though! We had our district conference and Elder Meim, from the Philippines Area Seventy came and presided, and gave some really cool speeches. In the Saturday adult session he talked a lot about member missionary work and used all of us full-time missionaries to help his presentation. We got up to the front and had these role-plays where we show the members how to make contact with friends/neighbors and invite them to hear a message. Then yesterday he had me come up and bear my testimony at the youth/YSA session about why I decided to serve a mission and how it's blessed me. A member of the Seventy asked me!! Heh I was a bit nervous, let's just say that..

We waited til today to do stuff, but today was really fun! My district and I went hiking to some waterfalls in our area, with some branch members so it was pretty cool :) I put some pictures on, the sisters wearing name tags are the sisters in my district, but next transfer their area is splitting and we'll be getting another sister companionship. The two dudes on the rock with me are the other elders in my district. I like them a lot, I was actually with both of them in Paniqui Zone when I first got here.

Haha mom you asked about sports last week and I ran out of time and forgot to email you about it! So basketball is actually huge here! That's like the only sport they play. Which kinda sucks because I really really miss soccer. But it's kind of ridiculous. They definitely need to stop playing basketball. They're all so small and scrawny, it's not their sport! I think the native sport is way cooler, it's like a cross between soccer and volleyball. Sipa Takraw , I think it's called. But with basketball, I's..I don't know how to describe it. Watching them play, it's like watching a bunch of little ninjas run around a court with a ball, doing weird body movements and jumps and stuff that just doesn't work! Hahaha but anyway.

Man I miss you guys. I can't wait to call you guys on Christmas. I hope this letter makes up for the short ones I've been sending the last few weeks. I love you all so much. Dad good luck on your business trips! I hope you are all safe. 


Elder K.H. Rand

Some pix from Sis Martino's FB page...

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