Monday, November 18, 2013

New Comp from Tacloban Mission

I have a new companion. He is from the Tacloban Mission, where Typhoon Yolanda hit the hardest. His name is Elder Diaz. I cannot even imagine all the things he has gone through. On the news I saw pictures of people shot trying to get food, I saw the bodies they laid in the street because they have no where else to put them. And I saw the destruction of entire cities, wiped clean from 190mph winds. Well he saw all of that in person. And he told me this really cool story, they had to rendezvous at the mission home, and from there walk to the airport. When they got to the airport they was no room for them on the planes. Then they saw a U.S. Air Force pilot calling out to them. Turns out he was an RM [a Returned Missionary from our church], and he flew them personally to Manila. He also said that buildings and houses all around their apartment were torn down and blown away, but his apartment stood. I hear all the time that miracles don't exist. Not true, they do exist. Angels were roundabout those missionaries. 

As for my week, well it has been great! I had a really good interview with Pres. Martino this week. And the work is definitely picking up. I am excited for this week! I actually had a fever the other day, but my comp gave me a blessing and the next day BAM! gone. Hahaha just like that, too. Anyway, I'm glad to here things are going well with you guys! Hahaha sounds like dad had fun taking care of the girls for a bit ;) Mom, you went to Disneyland??? What theeee....hahaha you sound like a party animal when you're with your friends! Hahaha! Well, I have to do some reports, my time is pretty short nowadays :( But I love you all so much! Please be safe :) 


Elder Rand 


Dad, thought you might like this a bit better hahaha. It wasn't Air Force, it was a Marine who set up for them to fly on the C-130. And the walk to the airport was about 50kms. 

Elder K. H. Rand
Angeles Philippines Mission

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