Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter and pix from Kendric and Elder Bell's parents

Oorah! Danggg that's a nice buck. Congratulations dad!! Dude I want to go shooting so bad right now. Rrghh..Holy cow that looks so cool! I cannot wait dad. What season will I be coming home in? January-ish? Is there anything going on then? I am so stoked! Man I feel like that's forever away. The days have been dragging this week. My new companion does not talk at all, and it's just me and him in our apartment so it has been suppper lonely. At least as a DL I get to call everyone in my district every night, so I honestly look forward to that everyday just to have someone to talk to. I just wish he would talk! I just want someone to talk to..But I'm hanging in there. One thing this mission has taught me is patience, because all trials pass. The work in my area has started to kick off, I've focused all of our efforts on finding new people to teach, and rescuing less-actives. It's progressing, slowly. My new companion is not very good at teaching, but that's also how my other trainee was at first. The thing is he just looks at this short-term mission as practice, not an actual mission. But I'm trying to guide him the right way, and help him learn. It would help if he talked to me a little bit more though..So anyways, one of Pres. Martino's counselors, Pres. Javier (he used to be CEO of Coca-Cola Philippines, I hear) came to our branch yesterday to see why the attendance has fallen so much. This was also my first Sunday going to church in this branch. He was so cool. He is probably one of the greatest men I have ever met. And this week I've been feeling pretty down, until yesterday, because of him. Pres. Javier just knew exactly what to say to help me. He helped me remember I am here to save souls. That is the work of this Church. It was just a really good reminder. So dad, you asked me how I'm really doing, and to be honest, I am doing really well. I know why I'm here, I'm learning how to endure, and I know what I need to do.

Mom, they haven't closed down my last area. I don't think they will anymore, we've established a pretty strong presence there. My anak, E. Ofiana is doing really well over there. And yes, it was really cool meeting E. Bell's parents! They were super nice people, I'm glad they sent you some pictures :) I've also put a few pics on this email, of me and E. Batoy, a missionary in my district who I worked with last week, and with a member in their area. The American is E. Whittemore, a good friend of mine who's actually from my batch, meaning we entered the MTC and the field together. Then the other picture is my new area! You can see it's a lotttt of farm. Hahaha, and in the background you can see the church building :) So hopefully my letters are getting longer. I've been trying to put more in them. Let me know if they're not satisfactory, and if you want to know anything! I love you all so much, thank you for all your support and love. I miss you all! Please be safe, mom I'm glad your knee is getting better and you can run on it now :)

From the Philippines with Love,    
Elder K.H. Rand

From Elder Bell's parents:

Sister Rand,

We had a great time in the Philippines.  It was an amazing experience to see our son's areas and meet so many of the people he taught and the members and missionaries that he was so close with.  We were there during transfers and saw a lot of the missionaries, including your son, at the mission office.  Elder Rand was looking well.  He just got transferred to Bamban.  That was our son's first area.   We went out there and had lunch with the member family (Eugenio) that fed him every night while he was there.  Here are a few pictures from our trip that include your son.  My wife posted a lot more pictures of our Philippines experience on FaceBook.  Not sure if you guys are FB friends.  If not, send her a request.

Pic 1 - Elders Bell, Wick, Rand.
Pic 2 - Elders Wick and Rand
Pic 3 - Elder Rand with Sister Bell  

Dave Bell

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