Monday, November 11, 2013

After the storm...

Hello family! 

This week...ha. It's been fun. The work is a lot better now. We have an area that we go to a few times a week that is actually about an hour-long hike up a mountain. There is actually a lottt of less-actives up there, so it's worth the hike. And yes! Sorry! I am okay, all that happened to us was a lot of rain and a bit of wind, so we are doing well! I cannot believe how devastating this storm was. So many people are homeless now. I know this is against the rules, but one of the families we went to had the news on TV and they showed from the air all the destruction that happened to an area. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to email you guys, we would have had to go to Camiling and we decided we ought to just keep working. Diligence, right? ;) So I hope you guys didn't worry too much, I am fine.

As for new experiences this week...I don't think I've had anything fun or exciting happen this week. It's been an average work week. We do have a really cool new investigator named Edmar. His parents are less-active, so we're trying to rescue them and set him up for baptism at the same time. We had an investigator whose baptism was set-up for my birthday, on Nov. 30, but he moved away..he said he would be coming back but we have no idea when. He had gone to church five times before moving away, so he was ready and everything.

Aw well..I...don't even know what to talk about. My mind has been blown this week. I really feel like if I were to take a nap right now I wouldn't wake up for a couple days. Man, I'm wiped.  It sounds like you guys are doing great though, from all of your emails. That's way cool the wall's going up pretty fast, and dad, not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous of the quad-riding and all that jazz ;) Life sounds like it is treating you all well. I am so excited to come home, but I know that my time here is more important for now.  It's been a bit of a trunky transfer so far, and the closer Christmas and everything gets the harder it's been to fight feelings of sadness. But I can't wait to hit a year. I know it'll get a lot easier once I hit the top of that hill, and start going down :)

Ah, so mom could I possibly request one more thing? I don't want to be a burden to you guys, but I have worn out the soles on all three sets of shoes. Could you maybe send me just one set of replacement soles, maybe those Dr. Scholl's or whatever it is? We walk a lot, hahaha I'm so sorry I feel bad asking for this, if it's too much please do not worry about it. I will manage just fine :) Thank you so much for everything you are doing for me. I love and miss you all soooo much! Please know I am safe and healthy, and overall doing well :) Be safe you guys, girls read your scriptures ;) 


Elder K.H. Rand  

PS The picture is from FHE last monday. :) 

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