Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Catching Up (Again)

{I've been negligent again in keeping up Kendric's blog, so I'll be posting updates from the last few weeks here, newest to oldest. ~Dad}

October 27, 2013

Well heck. This week has been a flippin' rollercoaster.

So yes, I got transferred. I am now in Camiling Zone, in a little area called Bamban. My anak ('son', trainee) is still in Baler, they're keeping the area open (for now). I'm actually in the area that Elder Bell was born in (missionary jargon for 'first area'), and people told me bad things about it. People said I'm going to Outer Darkness and things like that. But I like it all right, just got to be positive with it, I think.

I am now a District Leader, and have 3 companionships that I am responsible for now. It is pretty cool, and time goes by faster because I have a lot less free-time now. But the thing is, my new companion, Elder Munoz, went home after a day of being with him. He had an operation done and his gallbladder was removed. So I am pretty much opening an area all over again because the missionaries here before left me only a couple progressing investigators and I don't have a companion who knows the area. And to top it all off, I can only work in my area every other day, because I am in a threesome companionship (again) with Elder's Batoy and Dela Paz (they were in Paniqui Zone with me when I was born) and so we're splitting our work between my area and theirs. I don't have a companion yet, the Assistants are trying to find a short-term missionary for me to work with this transfer, just a young man preparing to serve a mission who will come work with me for 6 weeks. We'll see..haha so progress is slow! Hahahaaa..Aw well. Just gotta keep on keepin' on, eh? ;)

Anyway, I got to see Elder Bell and his parents! That was pretty cool. Bro. Bell took a few pics of me they said they would send to you. So this is my life right now!

Oh mom, I guess I will try to inform you on the Philippines a bit. So we do get the Liahona every month. I can also print pictures here. I still have not found fresh milk, although the McCord's, the senior couple in Baler, did get it for us every now and then from Angeles City. And yes, we use a lot of coconut oil here! It is delicious. I am truly going to miss coconuts when I leave. There are so many delicious things made from them! Haha one thing I discovered this week...so buses here will not stop unless there are old people waiting with you. But like for us? They just kinda slow down a little and we have to run (when I say run I mean sprint) in a line, and jump on one-by-one. Hahaha it's pretty fun, albeit a little sketchy. I also ate some isaw for the first time, which is grilled chicken intestines on a stick. It was actually all right! A bit like vienna sausages heh ;)

So anyway, dad! Mom said you fell asleep glassing! Haha grabe..And that's a total bummer about the truck window. But hey! The wall's going up! That's way cool! So are you done with business trips for a while? It is hunting season after all.. ;) I haven't heard much about the sambar here but I do remember in my first area seeing a house with a pretty decent (but kinda odd looking) deer rack on it and thinking "I didn't know they had deer here". So that might be from one..?

Anyway, I love you guys. I'm sorry I have to go, I have a few new reports I have to fill out as District Leader. I'm sorry it's so late too, we had zone goal's earlier. But hey, I miss you guys! Hopefully this letter is a bit longer. I'm sorry they've been a bit short lately. Thanks so much for all your love and support! Be safe :)

Elder Rand

October 20, 2013

Dad! I will try to do better answering questions! Hahaha so conference...We had a kinda 2 week long conference session. Haha the Sunday Sessions we watched last last Sunday, and then the Saturday sessions we watched 2 days ago. We still have yet to watch priesthood session which is bumming me out. We'll see...and today is transfer announcements! I'll know later whether or not I'm transferring and whatnot. I'm a little bit nervous..every one of my transfer announcements in my whole mission has been unexpected. So we'll see! Dad that's great about the wall and the quad!! That sounds so cool! That's gonna be so fun. Man I'm excited to go home. Elder Cadizal, my ZL and housemate, went home yesterday. It just hit me kinda hard that it's still a longgg time away. But it's okay. Life goes on! Every day is one day closer to home. This area is kinda hard. I know I haven't talked too much about the work lately because it's kind of struggling due to lack of support from the members. They might actually pull out me and my trainee and close the area until the branch grows enough to support 4 missionaries. We'll see..it's been a bit stressful. And then one of our big investigators told us the other day in tears that she doesn't think we can keep visiting her because her boyfriend is Born Again Christian and doesn't like us visiting her. Her baptism was scheduled for tomorrow. And mom, we do use butane stoves to cook. So despite there being no power we have been able to cook. The blackout ended on Saturday, but it has been finicky ever since. BTW thank you dad for the news updates! That's kinda weird Vail might become a city..How's work going? That's sweet you're gonna see Jael and Paul!

Hahah mom Elder Stenquist is like my best friend. We actually had exchanges the other day and so he was a housemate for a day in our apartment, and we baked those peanut butter cookies you sent, and they were delicousss thank you so much! He's way cool though. And that is so exciting about the Gilbert temple! Elder Bell lives like 5 minutes away from it. How about the Tucson temple? Have they started anything official with it yet? Mom how's your oil selling business going?

So...I don't really have any new stories or anything to tell...hang on lemme think...Oh! Okay so they have these places where you can buy super cheap clothes. And whilst there I bought the biggest dang tie I have ever seen. The width is about as big as the front of my shirt. It's legit. Anyway, you guys are all pressuring me to write this letter all quick and stuff, so I guess I'll send it! ;) Love you guys so much, thank you for all you are doing for me :)

Elder Rand

October 13, 2013

Hey family! Thank you soooo much for the package! That was the greatest thing ever! Me and Elder Keene were flipping out at the bacon. So amazing! Thank you sooo much parents! It's also helped a lot because we've been in a blackout for the last 3 days from typhoons hitting so hard. There's a generator at this computer shop, but we still don't have power. People are saying it'll take another couple weeks to get power :( It feels so primitive, it's like camping. Three days doesn't sound like a long time, but when there's no power, and water only early in the morning, it kinda sucks. We've been sleeping outside because it's so hot inside hahaa..But it's okay because I have skittles and bacon :D 

Dad that's so stinking exciting about hunting season. Goshhhh I can't wait to go with you when I get back. And I honestly have no idea what I want to do when I get back. But that's okay, I'll give it more serious thought and reflection when time gets closer. That's nuts about the gov't too! But doesn't this happen like every year when they can't agree on a budget? Man....bobo....

Mom I'm glad your leg seems to be getting better! And that sounds so fun about the pumpkin patch! Man I miss things like that..But it sounds like you guys had a fun time :) That's great about all the missionaries! I'm glad Tyler Porter sounds happy. I've been praying for him a lot.

So I have a few pics here! The first one is a dude named Eric, he's actually from the Preach My Gospel DVD's. He was an investigator back in San Diego, but lives here, and so in the DVD it shows different teaching principles and he was one of the investigators from it that missionaries taught and baptized. So it was cool getting to meet him! He actually lives here in a place called Dipaculao, and the Elders there are teaching his whole family. Then there's the beach we went to last week, and there was a lighthouse we climbed up to in the picture. Then a couple more pics! Hope you like them, it's taking about a day and a half to upload them ;) Haha I love you guys so much. Chat with me if you have time! Love you guys :)

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!
Elder Rand

This is what me and Elder Keene do. 

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