Monday, August 5, 2013

Transfer! Beach!

Family! So life's been pretty exciting for me lately! I did in fact get transferred last week. Again. Hahaha BUT I am in Baler Zone, one of two zones that has beach :) The natives call this area "paraiso" or paradise in English. I actually don't have an official companion right now, so I am in a threesome companionship with my zone leaders here. It is really cool, Elder Cadizal, the Pinoy ZL was my ZL in Paniqui zone. So I am learning from them right now until hopefully next week my companion will arrive from the MTC. Yep! I'm training! And my trainee and I will be opening a new area in Maria Aurora. I am so excited! Baler zone is the most jungly area in the mission. There are some areas where it looks like they could've filmed Jurassic Park or Lost or something here. Today, we're having family home evening as a zone on the beach. I am so stoked! The thing about this area though, it is very remote. VERY remote. It was a four and a half hour bus ride through jungle-mountains to get here. So the internet here is super slow, I can't really send any pics today because I need to change the settings on my camera to make the file size smaller. But next week I promise I will have some sweet pics :) And I'm sorry this is so late! We had no electricity for a few hours here. Anyways, I have a bit of time, so I'll try responding to your emails individually now. I love you all! 

-Elder Rand 
{Note: Here's an update on where Kendric is now. He was previously serving near the red star and then moved south towards the green dot for the mission office. The red arrow that points to Maria Aurora shows the general area where he was recently transferred to.}

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  1. Fantastic! They must have a lot of trust and confidence in Kendric to have him train so early, and in a new area that is so remote. Really proud of him!