Monday, August 26, 2013

Pics!! And life and stuff.

This week has been pretty...interesting? Hahaha so on Saturday President Martino was up in Baler for a meeting. On his way back to the Tarlac-side of the mission, he took me with him. We went to Cabanatuan first, because we also had the sister training leaders with us, and then to Tarlac. From Tarlac we went to Angeles City, and from there I met with the Assistants to the President and went back to stay the night with them Saturday. Sunday morning I went to church with the Assistants and then traveled up to Camiling with Elder Taylor, who is my companion until Wednesday because his companion is also in Manila. So I am with another Arizonan (he's from Queen Creek), and it is kinda weird! Hahaha I'm used to being with a Pinoy! On Wednesday, the zone leaders from Baler will meet with me in Tarlac and we'll take the six-hour bus ride from Tarlac-side back over to Baler. So yeah!! I've been pretty much everywhere in the Angeles Philippines mission now! Hahaha it's been fun, but I'm excited to get back to work in my area, with my trainee. They haven't been able to find any problems with him yet, so I probably won't see him for at least another few days. If they do find something, and he needs surgery it might be another week or so. This week has just been kind of hectic. It's nice though because I can actually get some things I need and stuff because there are actual stores here! Hahaha Baler is prettttty remote. 

As for rainy season, it ends sometime in November, so there will probably continue to be typhoons and stuff until then. And as for our apartment in Baler, it is actually very nice! We have a hot shower, which is the best thing ever invented. And it's actually like three stories. On the bottom level there's a bakery, and then the top two floors are our apartment.

So please know that I am doing well. I am staying alive! Hahaha I miss you guys all so much. I have a few more pictures to send. I hope you like these ones. The thing I'm riding on is a carabao, which is like a water buffalo. The farmers use them for working in the rice fields. Anyways, I love you all! Please be safe, girls read your scriptures and say your prayers ;) 


Elder Rand

So this is me and Elder Cadizal (my zone leader) and Elder Gapor (my district leader). We worked in a suppper beautiful area in the mountains, called Bazal. Hahahah the second picture looks like we're dancing, but that's just when we were trying to get the timing right for the self-timer! Hahaha Elder Gapor looks like he's doing ballet or something lol

This is my friend. I haven't named him yet. Yep we fed him Onion Rings. Hahaha he was so hungry, I don't think his owners feed him very well. I don't know if you can tell in the close-up picture, but his cheeks were stuffed! HAhahaha

Me and Elder Montierth

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