Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey mom and dad! So we've been in a typhoon since yesterday, and this one has hit us pretty hard. It took a lot to get to this computer hahaha! Last night felt like we were all going to die, the wind and rain was intense. We actually didn't sleep at all last night. The sister missionaries kept calling us, asking if everyone was okay and stuff, and then we found out one of the sister companionships was actually packing their bags in preparation to go to the mission home. Man it was nuts. It's still raining outside, it hasn't stopped now for something like 24 hours. But that's rainy season in the Philippines! 

So I haven't gotten my new comp. yet. He'll be coming in on the 14th. I guess he got chicken pox while in the MTC so he's late coming in. I'm excited to train though, but it is going to be stressful opening a new area. It's been a lot of preperation, just basically trying to talk to everyone we meet everywhere to get investigators in our new area. Ahhh it's going to be a rough few weeks trying to get our work up to the standards of excellence. But I know we can do it too. 

So mom, I have a few stores in this area. Not too many. The ZL's get the mail from the AP's every few weeks. We also get the Liahona so you don't have to worry about sending me those. Uhmm...yep. Do you need to know anything else? I'm sorry I'm really bad at answering your questions I usually forget hahaha! 

Dad, that's really cool you're doing El Tour! You excited? And gosh I can't even tell you how bad I want to go hunt or camp or SOMETHING! Haha man, and then we go to the beach as often as we can, and there are always people surfing there. Definitely on my to-do list when I get back: "Learn to surf" hahaha ;) 

Anyways, that's all I have for this week...pretty lame I'm sorry! But! I hope you guys like the pics! I love you all so much, thank you for all you do. 

Mahal ko kayo! 

Elder Rand :) 


So these are just a few pics from my new area! The beach, some little monkey that we found. Yep. It's a party here! ;) 


So these are some of the fruits I eat! The first one I can never remember the name, it sounds like rumpelstiltskin or something. The second one is called dragonfruit and is supppper delicious! 

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