Friday, July 5, 2013

This week's letter, sorry for the delay

Hahaha hello family! :) First off parents, thank you for all you have done for me. I am so eternally grateful for you guys. If that sounds insincere it is not meant to be, I mean it in every way possible. 

So I'm sorry I have my camera, but no card reader so I can't send pictures :( Blahh...

And yes, that is sooo cool about Shelbi's call!!! Holy cow, I am soo excited for her!!! Hey did you guys get to watch the broadcast? I still haven't seen it because it got cancelled because of the typhoon. But our mission pres. told us the highlights. Apparently, by 2014 (I think the end of the year for us here in the Phls.) every companionship is going to have an ipad or iphone, and be using facebook and blogs to communicate and invite people to come unto Christ. Weird!! But honestly, this should change a LOT about missionary work. Every aspect of it will be changed, and it should be a lot more effective in my opinion. 

Anywayyy, so this week has been great! My comp and I have been on fire, we taught 47 lessons this week, and should have five baptisms this Saturday!! It should be seven, but two of the girls we have been teaching, their parents are opposed to them being baptized. :( So we are still trying to persuade their parents...we will see. 

We are also almost done with a typhoon that has been dumping rain on us since Saturday night. Yeah. It has not been fun ;) But at the same time, we had three eating appointments yesterday, we feasted like kings! Hahaha :) The city is nice because it is super cheap to live here, and yet we still have cool areas in the bukid. 

But how is the fam-fam?? That's cool you guys are going to Gaslight! That should be awesome, what is the play based off of? Tallen and Crystal sent me a package I got the other day, so please tell them thanks for me! At least until I can write them and tell them myself. How's J and Paul? Haven't heard too much from them, or Caitlin. And Kimo too. Man I miss him. I'll send him an email today if I can. 

Well, I hope you guys are enjoying life. Mom, hope girl's camp will be fun! Hahaha ;) Dad that's pretty cool you're doing a project in Mexico, are you traveling there or will it be over communications? Ugh that's ugly English, I mean like calls and email and stuff. Hahaha

Well hey, I love and miss you all! Hang in there, peace ;)


Elder Rand

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