Monday, July 8, 2013

Kumusta naman kayo?

Magandang tanghali po, galing sa Pilipinas! 

Hahaha, how are you guys?? So I guess mom is at camp now right? And Aleigha too? Maile, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! How old will you be??? Like 11?? 10??'s school going for you? Oh!! Are you excited for Gaslight?? Let me know how that is!! :D Oh, and Happy 4th of July, 'Murica!!! Hahaha me and the other Americano's went out and bought..."hamburgers"....they weren't really burgers though. It was weird meat stuff on weird bread stuff with weird sauce stuff ;) hahaha and super tiny. But still! We did what we could with what we had ;) 

So yesterday I got to name and bless a child! Sa Tagalog! Hahaha it was a really cool experience, but I was sooo nervous about it. I did okay, mixed a little English with the Tagalog, but people still understood it. The little girl was so cute though, and it was such an awesome experience. 

Also yesterday, we got into our first Bible debate! Hahaha the old man didn't stand a chance. We smashed him. ;) Hahaha just kidding, but seriously he was just a sour old man bashing our religion. And we would not stand for it, so we whipped our Bibles out and countered everryyy single argument against us. We did it very peacefully too, but the guy just kept getting angrier and angrier! He finally just stopped talking and stewed in his seat, huffing and puffing. It was kind of scary but I guess a good experience too, at least to be introduced to encounters like that. 

It's so exciting to see the work that is going forth! All the people in our stake out serving, it's weird! But really cool too hahaha :) Oh, and Kimo emailed me this week, so that was really nice hearing from him. Has he found out where he'll be stationed yet?

Dad that's cool you're getting to see some pretty exotic places! What're you going to be doing in Singapore? And that's soo cool you're going to Defcon and Blackhat again. Speaking of which..what do you think would be the best career field to go in for computer sciences? I've kinda gotten super interested in computers and technology, and I was thinking the other day about a cool career. I dunnnoooo...I guess it's still a ways off, but if you have any council or wisdom to impart, I appreciate it! Love you dad :) 

So I have a bundle of letters ready to be sent to you guys, but we haven't found the friggin' post office yet! We are going to go explore the city today, so hopefully we can find it ;) 

So I attached a few pics from our baptism! Three of the five were baptized, the other two's parents wouldn't allow them to be baptized :( But we're going to start teaching their parents hopefully this week! We'll see how it goes. I haven't taken my camera out a whole lot this week because it's a bit of a hassle with all the rain. But I am trying! Sorry for the lack of pictures, I really am :( Haha but in one of the pics the girl is like "I feel like we're wearing karate uniforms!" and so that's why she posed like that lol. And in the picture with the dude making slippers, I helped make some of those!! Awww yeah son, I got to cut out the soles and stuff. It was pretty fun :)

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