Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doing great!

Good morning family! 

So it sounds like you guys are doing well! Mom, you sound a lot less stressed now girl's camp is done! And dad, it sounds like your life isn't too busy lately? I hope not. I am really, really grateful for you both, and for all you do for me. I love you! 

So I am doing great here. I love this area, the people, the landscape, everything. Mom I was in the canoe because that's how we travel to one of our areas! :) And yes I am eating well here. I actually cook for my companion and me! So that's pretty cool, I've gotten pretty good at cooking Pinoy food ;) Transfer day is this Thursday, so we'll see what happens! Kind of anxious for this one, hehe. 

I hope you guys are doing well. I miss you all so dang much. So the pictures are in front of some palayans that are just starting to grow. Please know that I am working hard here, and staying healthy and alive! ;) I love you all, family! Mahal ko kayo! 

Your Son and Brother,

Elder Rand


{Dad's note: The letter this week is a little short, because Kendric wanted one experience just shared with the family. He's doing great, though, and is really growing in the Gospel, and as you can see from above, he is sounding very happy.}

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