Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Up Chooks to Go??

Heyyy family!! 

So first off, Happy Anniversary/Dad's Birthday/Father's Day!!! Whoo hoo! Dad, mom said you're 51 now. What the.... ;) hahaha just kidding!! But that is friggin' old. How was your Father's Day? And your guys' anniversary? How long have you been married now? 

This week has been pretty cool! I found out I might be a trainer this upcoming Wednesday, and/or I might get transferred. So that's exciting! It'll be weird training a Pinoy though because usually they don't speak Tagalog if they're from a different part of the Philippines. Haha so yeah..but it might not happen. We'll see! 

So this week I tried balut, but gave up when it got to eating the actual bird. I was on exchanges with Elder Bell and he took the whole baby duck and stuck it all in his mouth, and he had feathers stuck in his teeth and stuff, so I just didn't even try..hahaha :P Maybe later in my mission! We had a feast of Chooks to Go though, which is a little stand on the side of the road that sells rotisserie chickens. Soooo good hahaha. And the name is just awesome ;)

So Fred is still on track to be baptized, this Saturday! Elder Bell did the interview with him (that's why we did exchanges) on Friday, and he did awesome. He's such a good guy. I hope he serves a mission one day because he's astig. We also just gave a baptismal date to Sister Joyce, who is sooooo prepared. She thought we said June 20 instead of July 20th and she was like "Okay I'm ready!". Hahaha she goes to church every week, and even went to Paniqui yesterday for stake conference (which was awesome). So we're excited about her too. The Marcos family all keep their commitments, except for church. Their dad works all day at the market and so they don't have a ride to church so we're still trying to figure that out. 

That's cool you have good missionaries now it sounds like! Ask the Tongan elder if he knows Elder Vaitai or Elder Faka'osita. Vaitai is home now because of his brain cancer, but Faka'osita is in the same zone as me and doing well. 

Hahaha! So I rode a bus yesterday. The thing about buses here is they are the most aggressive vehicle on the road. And so yesterday, the driver is bookin' it. Like, at least 70 mph down the expressway, which is FLYING here, and he's swerving in and out of traffic and I just couldn't help but feel like I was on the Knight Bus! Haha it was awesome! We'd hit a bump and people would fly up out of their seats and act like nothing happened! Hahaha it was crazy! 

So yup, that's my week. Pretty average. I'm sorry my emails are getting more and more boring. But I do have a few letters I'm going to try to send to you soon! I love you all so much. Thank you all for your support and love! Be safe :) 

Paalam sa Inyong Lahat,

Elder Rand :) 


So this might be the only picture(s?) I get to send today, we're in Moncada right now and the internet here is sooo slow. I don't even know if this one will work. But next week hopefully we'll be in Paniqui, but we'll see. So this is me and Elder Olila, we did exchanges which was cool. The other one is in a village that's free housing that we were proselyting in. I have no idea why they have an American astronaut statue there but it was pretty cool hahaha ;) The girl working with us is Sis. Jenylnn and she just got baptized like a month ago so it's pretty cool she is confident enough to work with us. Her cousin, the guy taking the picture is prepping for a mission which is awesome. They are all from Branch 2, whereas my area is Ward 1. 

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