Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Morning Starshine..the Earth Says Hello!

Hoy Pamilya Ko!
Kumusta po kayo? Mabuti sana. Mahirap minsan na maging dito, pero sobrang masaya rin. Labe, itong linggo ay astig! Maraming bagong mga investigators at si Bro. Alfred ay naghahanda para sa binyag sa June 22nd ngayon, dahil mayroon kaming Stake Conference sa June 15th.. Sobbbraaannngg excited ako, at nakilala kaming tatlong mga investigators kagabi. Si Bro. Jun, ang Ward Missionary Leader namin, nagtrabaho sa akin kahapon, at naghanda talaga siya na maglinkod.
Haha, sooo I guess to translate all of that (I read in Preach My Gospel to write letters and stuff in your new language to learn faster ;P) it says...
Hi family!
How are you? I hope well. It's difficult sometimes being here, but happy also. So, this week was awesome! Many new investigators, and Bro. Alfred is preparing for baptism on June 22nd now, because we have Stake Conference on June 15th. I am sooooo excited, and last night we met three new investigators. Bro Jun, our ward mission leader, worked with me yesterday (we did splits) and he is so prepared to serve.
Sooo I am really impressed with the progress Bro. Alfred has made. He is ex- Iglesia ni Cristo, which is a church that hates LDS. Their founder was a member, who wanted to become an apostle, but when rejected started this church. Then when he died his son corrupted it. Only the leaders, the "learned" can read from the scriptures, they read out loud at the pulpit if you don't pay your tithing, their church building are modeled after the Salt Lake Temple, and they believe if you listen to Mormon missionaries you will be burned by hellfire. So really, it is cool to be able to teach one of their members, and the strength he has amidst persecution from his peers.
Ano pa...what else...Oh! I did get letters from the Porters and Anne Bingham! Please tell them thank you sooo much and I will write letters back today if I have time! I have not received the package from you guys yet, but hopefully this week.
That sounds sooo fun, your guys' trip to San Diego. I really miss going to the temple...we were so spoiled in the MTC, going every week. Ahh I miss it.
Dad, that's sweet you're still working with the Church! Good luck on your talk too! I'm glad you had fun vacationing, and that your knee didn't give you too much trouble it sounds like.
Mom that's cool you got to see all your family again! That's a bummer about nana and grandpa though...And really weird about Caitlin getting married! What the..?? Where's my invitation!! ;) How's J-smell? Where is Paul going to Europe? England? France? That's pretty cool. And Kimo! What the heck?? What is going on with him?? I've heard nothing! Haha tell him to write me please!! Does he even use email anymore? Sayang..
That's cool you guys saw pics of me at Zone Conference! That was my first one since being here, and my companion's last ;P Crazy, he goes home in September! We get along really well now, it was a little rough at first but we work well together now, and I've learned a lot from him.
So I love you all sooo much! Parents, I am sooo grateful for you, and all you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you..I mean it. Mahal ko kayo pamilya! Be safe, have fun, but seriously please wait for me to go to San Diego again ;) ;) Joke lang!
Mahal Kita,
Elder Rand

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