Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 months! An awesome spiritual experience (and oh yeah, a chicken head and beetles for snack)...

Well hi! :)

So this week has been a little bit nuts, I have had the hardest days of my mission (thus far) and the best day! Towards the beginning of this week Elder Gaddi and I were still getting used to how each other teaches, and how we OYM (basically street contacting) so the work was super slow. And at first I just didn't get along with him. But on Thursday I decided to just offer my all to the Lord, and I prayed and literally cried to the Lord for strength, and success, and that day everything just worked out perfectly. We got five new investigators from OYM'ing, none of our less-actives kicked us out, all of our investigators accepted baptismal goal dates, and on Sunday our chapel was full, which was the vision I had when I first got to this area. That has not happened since I have been here. One of our zone leaders, Elder Cadizal, challenged us to have vision for our area, and that was mine. It is so cool to see that through effort and the Spirit, vision can become reality. It's also just been challenging leading the area. 

Hahaha so this week was full of new food experiences! I ate a chicken head, or ulong manok, which almost made me throw up..*almost*. The eyeballs were the worst because something in them, I have no idea what, felt like I was chewing sand :P Yeah...anyways. Then I ate beetles, like HUGE FAT ones, that they catch in the corn fields and cook in vinegar. :P Bleh. Other than that though it wasn't too bad this week ;) I had barbecued catfish which was really good, definitely the best fish I've had since being here. 
Maile, thank you for your email! That's so cool about volleyball. Are you excited to go to San Diego?? Not gonna lie I'm a little jealous! There are only three areas here in my mission that have coast in them, and the probability of serving there is...slim. But it's all good! How's school? You're almost done!! Wowww what grade will you be in next year? Like 2nd? Right? 

Aleigha how'd your talk go that you prepared in an hour? Hahahaha I bet you did fine. You excited for summer?? And HAVASUPAI?? Friggin' jelly..

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for all of your love and support :) Thank you for the emails too. They really do help. I love you so much parents. Oh hey mom, could you send me a couple of the small pocket Book of Mormons too? Thank you soooo much! 

Well family, I gotta go. I have less time now because now I'm leading the area I have to type up our reports for mission pres. But I love and miss you all soooo much! Have fun on your vacay to San Diego! So hey, love you! 

Hug hug, kiss kiss, little hug, big kiss...

Elder Kendric H. Rand 


The last picture I took with Elder Cope. Haha yes I know my haircut is horrible. At the barbershops here they only have two styles of haircuts, barbershop or military. So I got the barbershop. Never...again....hahaha


This might be the classiest picture I have ever taken

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