Monday, May 27, 2013

This week's letter & pix

Well hi!

How is the fam-fam? I'm so jealous you are going to San Diego! Oh my gulay, and Aleigha had better like Havasupai ;) So school's out now right? Shelbi's graduated..that's weird. High school feels like so long ago, haha. So Caitlin's engaged, what's up with Kimo? I haven't heard anything about him or from him since before the MTC. Is he married yet? Hahaha..

So this week was pretty cool. We got a referral for a..I don't want to say perfect, but very ideal family. They all just want to know about the Gospel and it is so cool. So we have five new investigators in that family alone, and then we talked to three guys in a cornfield who all seem very promising. This month Alfred is scheduled to be baptised! So we're trying very very hard to teach and support him. We have four other investigators with baptismal dates set, but the hard part is getting them to go to church. Butttt we'll see...

Ah so for leading the area, I fill out the progress records every week, I update our area book, plan out our days and who we will focus on, I coordinate with our ward mission leader and bishop, and just other small things like that. It's not too big of a deal anymore, and I know our area really well now.

Hey mom, thanks for sending the package! Did you talk to Sis. Bell about how to? I'm so flippin' excited to get it oh my gulay. And dad thanks for sending the flashdrive with it! Whooo hot dog I'm excited :D

Well parents, how are you guys doing? It's almost your birthdays!! Wow. How old will you be? That's exciting huh? Maile's birthday is getting close too! How old will you be Maile? 10? That cray. Hahah joke. So is volleyball over or are you still playing? That is so cool, I really miss volleyball. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the MTC ;) And the food! I miss American food soo bad! I would kill for a Nico's burrito right now. Kill. Hahaha just kidding ;) Not a whole lot of new food this week, just same ol' same ol'. My new comp has been teaching me how to cook which is awesome. I can cook adobo, eggplant with egg (I don't remember the Pinoy name for it) fried rice (Pinoy style), bomb diggidy omellettes, and this week he's teaching me how to make bihon and lumpia! :), that's what's up.

So anyways, I'm running out of time. But I love you all sooo much! Thank you for all of your support, I really can't imagine being here without support from home. My companions father died while he was a year into his mission, but he decided to serve until the end. I can't even imagine that. He is such a good example to me.

Anyways, enjoy America. I love you guys! Oh could you please send me Kimo's contact info? I guess email or something, whatever would be the best way to talk to him. Thanks! Farewell, until next week!

Mahal Kita!

Elder K.H. Rand


Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 months! An awesome spiritual experience (and oh yeah, a chicken head and beetles for snack)...

Well hi! :)

So this week has been a little bit nuts, I have had the hardest days of my mission (thus far) and the best day! Towards the beginning of this week Elder Gaddi and I were still getting used to how each other teaches, and how we OYM (basically street contacting) so the work was super slow. And at first I just didn't get along with him. But on Thursday I decided to just offer my all to the Lord, and I prayed and literally cried to the Lord for strength, and success, and that day everything just worked out perfectly. We got five new investigators from OYM'ing, none of our less-actives kicked us out, all of our investigators accepted baptismal goal dates, and on Sunday our chapel was full, which was the vision I had when I first got to this area. That has not happened since I have been here. One of our zone leaders, Elder Cadizal, challenged us to have vision for our area, and that was mine. It is so cool to see that through effort and the Spirit, vision can become reality. It's also just been challenging leading the area. 

Hahaha so this week was full of new food experiences! I ate a chicken head, or ulong manok, which almost made me throw up..*almost*. The eyeballs were the worst because something in them, I have no idea what, felt like I was chewing sand :P Yeah...anyways. Then I ate beetles, like HUGE FAT ones, that they catch in the corn fields and cook in vinegar. :P Bleh. Other than that though it wasn't too bad this week ;) I had barbecued catfish which was really good, definitely the best fish I've had since being here. 
Maile, thank you for your email! That's so cool about volleyball. Are you excited to go to San Diego?? Not gonna lie I'm a little jealous! There are only three areas here in my mission that have coast in them, and the probability of serving there is...slim. But it's all good! How's school? You're almost done!! Wowww what grade will you be in next year? Like 2nd? Right? 

Aleigha how'd your talk go that you prepared in an hour? Hahahaha I bet you did fine. You excited for summer?? And HAVASUPAI?? Friggin' jelly..

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for all of your love and support :) Thank you for the emails too. They really do help. I love you so much parents. Oh hey mom, could you send me a couple of the small pocket Book of Mormons too? Thank you soooo much! 

Well family, I gotta go. I have less time now because now I'm leading the area I have to type up our reports for mission pres. But I love and miss you all soooo much! Have fun on your vacay to San Diego! So hey, love you! 

Hug hug, kiss kiss, little hug, big kiss...

Elder Kendric H. Rand 


The last picture I took with Elder Cope. Haha yes I know my haircut is horrible. At the barbershops here they only have two styles of haircuts, barbershop or military. So I got the barbershop. Never...again....hahaha


This might be the classiest picture I have ever taken

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day call

No email today, but we got to Skype with Kendric for an hour last night. The connection was pretty lousy - and the video was really poor - but it was really great seeing/talking with him. He's got a new companion now and he still seems really happy. Today is 3 months in the mission field!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gang fight, frog adobo and 'killer' rooster

Hello! So this week has been more awesomer for sure ;) Uhmm...let's see. I saw a barangay fight! That was pretty scary. Basically two..not gangs, but like family..clans? I guess you could say? They meet in the middle of the barangay and duke it out. That was freaky, because we didn't know what was going on at first so we're just strolling through the middle of this fight that's about to start hahaha yeah I guess we were a little naive. There was like a little division that we were walking through between these two different crowds of people facing each other. Hm. 

This week I also learned two new dances from the little kids we teach! Do you guys have the Gentleman in America? That's one, and then Zombie Ganggnam Style ;) Oh yeah...

Let's see...Oh, so I ate frog yesterday! Yeah, so if it's something weird, I've learned they just make it into adobo, and eat it. So I had frog adobo yesterday. Hahaha it was so weird.

So next week is Mother's Day! So I think we are either skyping Monday, but maybe Tuesday. Because Monday is election day, which I guess gets NUTS here and we don't know if we're allowed out of our house that day, and the internet cafes might not be open, so possibly Tuesday. We'll ask the lady here if she's open next Monday, so I'll get back to you after this email. It will be around this time, maybe an hour or so earlier. We will see. 

Oh man, I woke up this morning craving lucky charms! I really miss milk, and cereal hahaha kinda pathetic but sooo true. Oh! So yesterday, we were walking through this little jungle path, and there was this crashing noise. Something was jumping from tree to tree, and it was getting closer and closer, and I was thinking "OH GOSH WE'RE GOING TO DIE" and so I start booking it the other way, and Elder Cope starts laughing and laughing, and I look back, it's a friggin rooster just jumping from tree to tree, in the middle of the jungle. I was so mad. 

Soo..the language is coming still, there are so many wordssss I still can't have a long conversation with someone. Teaching is going really well though. We are teaching a very promising investigator named Alfred, and we're super excited because he actually came to church yesterday! This is the first progressing investigator since I have been here who has actually kept the commitment to come to church! So we're really excited about this. 

Okay family, I love you all very very much. Except you Jael, Shelbi says you were making fun of me. So whatever. But everyone besides Jael, I love you and hope you are doing well :) Thank you so much parents for all you do for me. I can't wait to talk to you next week! 


So this is me with a one-day old goat, and we were going for the cover of one of the pamphlets we use to teach the Restoration ;) 


So this is us at a community service project, and then me harvesting coconuts...