Sunday, April 21, 2013

A funeral, Nacho Libre and zombie dogs

Magandang gabi po, pamilya at Shelbi! So it is 9:13a.m. here meaning there it is...6:13p.m., yesterday. Hahaha that's weird. here is going. This week I had my first day where we just got punted over and over again and taught maybe two lessons the entire day. That was hard, but one of our investigators, Jimboy, was baptized this week which was so awesome. I will send you pictures after this. We actually didn't get to do the baptizing, Brother Jun did because bishop is preparing him for a mission which is awesome because he's going to be amazing. 

So, hmm..ah! So I had my first exchange this week too, I went out with Elder Cadizal, one of our zone leaders. Whilst on this exchange I spoke at a funeral! Hahaha it was so horrible, I had no idea what to say. I just ended up talking about the plan of salvation and sharing a scripture. I was so mad at Elder Bell, the other zone leader who I exchanged places with because he was supposed to speak! Hahaha, he's a super cool guy though, and he's from Gilbert! 

I guess the other night I was babbling random Tagalog words in my sleep. Haha Elder Wick said nothing I said made sense, it was like " does it work...why??" Just things like that haha so I don't know! So to stay motivated throughout the day I quote movies, specifically Nacho Libre. So my companion will catch me saying "You have not been baptized!" under my breath and then I have to explain the movie to him and it's just awesome. Hahaha is it bad I really miss Nacho Libre?? So we have a not-pet (we're not allowed to have pets) gecko in our house, who we named Harry. Hahaha, so this way every time we see him I say, "You're a lizard, Harry". X-) Aleigha and Shelbi if you don't get that reference...I am disappoint. 

Ah! So this week Elder Cope and I were walking through the jungle and we got to this clearing, and we hear this pack of dogs just start barking and howling, and I was like "Elder Cope, we gotta go", and so we start booking it through this clearing, and I'm picking up rocks to throw, and these dogs come bolting out of the jungle and running at us, and I literally thought I was going to die that day hahaha it was horrifying. They started surrounding us, and me and Elder Cope just started chucking rocks left and right, and we were okay, but it was so scary. One thing about the dogs here...they look like the dogs from I Am Legend. Their bodies are streamlined and they just look mean. And if you get bit you immediately need to get rabies shots because it's so common in dogs here. Haha on a happier note, we saw this puppy and it was so happy to see us. For some reason its tail was totally disproportionate to its body, and it started wagging its tail so hard that as it was walking towards us the momentum of its tail made it start walking sideways. It was so funny! 

So I've started blending in really well here now that my skin has gotten darker. Because when I first got here people would yell out "Hey Joe!" to all the Americans, but now they don't do that anymore. And all the people we teach ask me if I'm Filipino, because I guess my hair, my nose, my eyes, and my lips all look Filipino. But when I wear my glasses for some reason I go back to being American! People will randomly yell out "Hey Joe!" when I wear my glasses. And so my companion sometimes says I should wear my glasses just so people will be interested in talking to us hahaha :)

My Tagalog is slowly improving. I learn a bit more every day. Teaching is going well. I can contribute a lot to lessons now instead of just my testimony. As for investigators, we have quite a few, but not a lot who are actually progressing. So it makes it difficult. People will commit to a baptismal date but then not show up for church. The rule is they need to go to church four weeks in a row before being baptized, so when they don't go we have to push their date back a week, then another, then another. It's frustrating. 

Mom, that's so funny about the ward campout! You would not believe how dirty it is here. Hahaha but I stay very clean and hygienic I will have you know ;) That would be awesome if you could send me the conference Ensign! Hahaha and yes the people here are very thrifty and resourceful. The jeepneys here will fit like 25 people in them. The driver will go around and point and say "Dito!" or here! and you'll just be thinking "how the heeeckkk am I going to fit right there?" hahaha it gets crazy. Oh and I think I am addicted to lumpia. Oh my gulay it is so delicious. Oh and oh my gulay means "oh my vegetables" hahaha Elder Cope says it allll the time.

Dad, that's so crazy about the bombing! So it was two boys mom said, do they know why they did it yet? That must've been such a weird experience walking through Boston when it looks all abandoned! Hahaha I can't believe you're hiking Havasupai with a torn meniscus. But that'll be sooo much fun! I love Bishop Henderson, that'll be awesome hiking with him. 

Aleigha, mom says you're prom dress came in. Oooo lalaaaa ;) you excited? And hey I think that's really cool you're going to do the vet tech thing. That'll be awesome having a skill right after high school! Trust me, it helps ;) Just keep on keeping on and you will be all right :) 

Maile, what the heck is so funny about your "business??" hahaha I don't get it! Hahaha you're such a funny little kid. But hey, how is volleyball? You been winning and stuff? Mom says you've been helping her a lot :) that's good, keep it up okay? So have any new awesome video games come out yet?? Have you unlocked anything new in Mario Kart? 

Well family, and Shelbi, I love and miss you all so much. I hope you are all being safe. Write me some letters or something ;) hahaha I love you! Ingat po, hanggang sa susunod lunes. 

Love, Elder Rand


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