Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lots of pictures!

So these are just a few of the..."culturally-different" things I have eaten in Philippines. The first picture is adobo, but made with...paang manok, which being interpreted is "chicken feet" instead of meat. That was interesting, because there's not really any meat, just tendons (which is like eating a rubbery noodle hahaha) and skin. And then the second picture is fried fish stomach! It was my first experience with street food, and I'm not too fond of it hahaha, Elder Cope has tried getting me to eat isaw, which is grilled chicken intestines, but I think I'll wait a few more months to try that.

Sige, so I figured out how to make pictures be smaller in size, but they are very pixelated if you zoom in so sorry, but that's how I need to send them. The internet is better here in Paniqui, but I'm not here all the time :( Sooo...this is Jimboy! He is such a cool little kid, he's fourteen and just got baptized by Bro. Jun. Jun just got called to be our ward mission leader, and he's 19! He's preparing to go on a mission which is so cool because he's super strong in the Gospel. We've been teaching Jimboy for a while, but he was super prepared to hear us, and he has been friends with Jun and his family for a while. Jun was converted just last year. 

So this is, left to right, me, E. Cope, Wick and Olila. Tapos ng ibang picture is at the mission office where we have our mission logo. :) 

So the first pic is the view from our apartment. The next picture is me and Cope cooking adobo! And the next pic is me on our balcony. I don't know if you can see in the picture but my belt is called a "carabao belt", and it's made from polished water buffalo horn :) The last pic is me in my hammock, which was the best $3 I have ever spent ;) 

Astiggg hahaha dito, this is how we deal with mosquitos and flies! Hahaha :) 

Soo, yesterday was officially one month in my area! Woo hoo! So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. was a pretty average week, I don't have a whole lot to say. I guess I can talk a bit about the Philippines. Tag-ulan has just barely started, but won't get intense until hopefully late next month. We had our first storm two days ago and it was terrible teaching in the rain hahaha. No one here likes the rain because you just get wet at the start of your day, and stay wet until you get home at 9:30p.m. So we'll see how it goes ;) So frogs are to the Philippines, as what rabbits are to Vail. As in they are EVERYWHERE and they breed like rabbits. And they get HUGE. Haha my comp says it tastes like chicken, and I guess there's a restaurant here that advertises fried chicken, but it's actually fried...frog. Hmm..ano pa..ay! That's sweet you got my letters! That didn't take very long at all. I sent more today, but I only had enough money to send Shelbi's, but next week I have a stack of letters to send you guys. Hahaha so Elder Bell was telling me about some of the weird things he's eaten, and one of them was goat intestines, but they weren't cleaned out :P Bleh. And then one guy had I think pig intestines, stuffed with chicken intestines. Inception..intestiception. Hahahaha eww. Anyway. 

So how's life in AZ everyone? I never thought I would miss the dry heat of AZ as much as I do now. It is soooo humid here. Like, I will just be sitting on the couch reading the Book of Mormon, and I'll break out in sweat. Oh speaking of which, I finished the Book of Mormon this week, and I've started reading it in Tagalog, and doing the thing he did on "The Other Side of Heaven". I also got a Tagalog bible here which is cool to read, and some people won't listen to you unless you quote bible. 

So that's my life, I have like an hour left of emailing time so I'll try to write you guys individual letters for once! :) I'm sorry, I feel like this letter was boring, so I'll try to be more awesome this week ;) Haha I love and miss you all so much, I hope you are being safe! Parents, thank you for all you do, I love you :) 


Elder Kendric Rand

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First letter from the Philippines

We also got our first letter from Kendric since he's been in the Philippines:

The letters were dated April 2nd & 5th, but the postmark is from April 8th, so it took about 2.5 weeks. Not too bad, I guess...

Pix with his Mission President and companion

We got an unexpected email today from Kendric's mission president's wife. She sent pictures of her and her husband with Kendric when he first got to the Philippines, as well as a picture with his companion.

She also sent a letter from the president and a map of the mission. Kendric is in Moncada (the red star on the map) right now.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A funeral, Nacho Libre and zombie dogs

Magandang gabi po, pamilya at Shelbi! So it is 9:13a.m. here meaning there it is...6:13p.m., yesterday. Hahaha that's weird. here is going. This week I had my first day where we just got punted over and over again and taught maybe two lessons the entire day. That was hard, but one of our investigators, Jimboy, was baptized this week which was so awesome. I will send you pictures after this. We actually didn't get to do the baptizing, Brother Jun did because bishop is preparing him for a mission which is awesome because he's going to be amazing. 

So, hmm..ah! So I had my first exchange this week too, I went out with Elder Cadizal, one of our zone leaders. Whilst on this exchange I spoke at a funeral! Hahaha it was so horrible, I had no idea what to say. I just ended up talking about the plan of salvation and sharing a scripture. I was so mad at Elder Bell, the other zone leader who I exchanged places with because he was supposed to speak! Hahaha, he's a super cool guy though, and he's from Gilbert! 

I guess the other night I was babbling random Tagalog words in my sleep. Haha Elder Wick said nothing I said made sense, it was like " does it work...why??" Just things like that haha so I don't know! So to stay motivated throughout the day I quote movies, specifically Nacho Libre. So my companion will catch me saying "You have not been baptized!" under my breath and then I have to explain the movie to him and it's just awesome. Hahaha is it bad I really miss Nacho Libre?? So we have a not-pet (we're not allowed to have pets) gecko in our house, who we named Harry. Hahaha, so this way every time we see him I say, "You're a lizard, Harry". X-) Aleigha and Shelbi if you don't get that reference...I am disappoint. 

Ah! So this week Elder Cope and I were walking through the jungle and we got to this clearing, and we hear this pack of dogs just start barking and howling, and I was like "Elder Cope, we gotta go", and so we start booking it through this clearing, and I'm picking up rocks to throw, and these dogs come bolting out of the jungle and running at us, and I literally thought I was going to die that day hahaha it was horrifying. They started surrounding us, and me and Elder Cope just started chucking rocks left and right, and we were okay, but it was so scary. One thing about the dogs here...they look like the dogs from I Am Legend. Their bodies are streamlined and they just look mean. And if you get bit you immediately need to get rabies shots because it's so common in dogs here. Haha on a happier note, we saw this puppy and it was so happy to see us. For some reason its tail was totally disproportionate to its body, and it started wagging its tail so hard that as it was walking towards us the momentum of its tail made it start walking sideways. It was so funny! 

So I've started blending in really well here now that my skin has gotten darker. Because when I first got here people would yell out "Hey Joe!" to all the Americans, but now they don't do that anymore. And all the people we teach ask me if I'm Filipino, because I guess my hair, my nose, my eyes, and my lips all look Filipino. But when I wear my glasses for some reason I go back to being American! People will randomly yell out "Hey Joe!" when I wear my glasses. And so my companion sometimes says I should wear my glasses just so people will be interested in talking to us hahaha :)

My Tagalog is slowly improving. I learn a bit more every day. Teaching is going well. I can contribute a lot to lessons now instead of just my testimony. As for investigators, we have quite a few, but not a lot who are actually progressing. So it makes it difficult. People will commit to a baptismal date but then not show up for church. The rule is they need to go to church four weeks in a row before being baptized, so when they don't go we have to push their date back a week, then another, then another. It's frustrating. 

Mom, that's so funny about the ward campout! You would not believe how dirty it is here. Hahaha but I stay very clean and hygienic I will have you know ;) That would be awesome if you could send me the conference Ensign! Hahaha and yes the people here are very thrifty and resourceful. The jeepneys here will fit like 25 people in them. The driver will go around and point and say "Dito!" or here! and you'll just be thinking "how the heeeckkk am I going to fit right there?" hahaha it gets crazy. Oh and I think I am addicted to lumpia. Oh my gulay it is so delicious. Oh and oh my gulay means "oh my vegetables" hahaha Elder Cope says it allll the time.

Dad, that's so crazy about the bombing! So it was two boys mom said, do they know why they did it yet? That must've been such a weird experience walking through Boston when it looks all abandoned! Hahaha I can't believe you're hiking Havasupai with a torn meniscus. But that'll be sooo much fun! I love Bishop Henderson, that'll be awesome hiking with him. 

Aleigha, mom says you're prom dress came in. Oooo lalaaaa ;) you excited? And hey I think that's really cool you're going to do the vet tech thing. That'll be awesome having a skill right after high school! Trust me, it helps ;) Just keep on keeping on and you will be all right :) 

Maile, what the heck is so funny about your "business??" hahaha I don't get it! Hahaha you're such a funny little kid. But hey, how is volleyball? You been winning and stuff? Mom says you've been helping her a lot :) that's good, keep it up okay? So have any new awesome video games come out yet?? Have you unlocked anything new in Mario Kart? 

Well family, and Shelbi, I love and miss you all so much. I hope you are all being safe. Write me some letters or something ;) hahaha I love you! Ingat po, hanggang sa susunod lunes. 

Love, Elder Rand


Monday, April 15, 2013


Kumusta pamilya ko! (At lahat kung sino magbasa ng blog) :)

Itong linngo ay pinakabisi! Haha this week has been super busy! My companion and I are getting along very well, he's District Leader in the Paniqui zone so we never slack off. I'm so grateful for him because a couple other Elders have said they had terrible trainers when they first got here and it started their missions off all wrong. Elder Cope pushes me harder and harder every day, and I can already see a huge difference between when I first got here and now. I can understand almost everything people say when speaking about gospel-related things, just because those things are engrained in my mind, but everyday conversation is still very difficult. 

So this week has been crazy. The power has been out almost every day, I'm not sure why, my kasama says they're doing maintenance on the power plant or something, I didn't quite understand everything he said about it. So it feels kinda cool because I wrote a bunch of letters this week by candlelight. But at the same time it is ridiculously hot at night. I went and got a hammock for like $3 and put it outside and I sleep out there every night because it's too hot inside. Haha so this week at family home evening I got to teach a bunch of little Filipino kids how to gangnam style, which was hilarious. And then they have a song here called "Budots" and they all taught me how to dance to it. Oh there has also been a lack of water lately, so some days they randomly shut off the water. But I'm grateful for Boy Scouts and teaching us to always be prepared because every night before bed I fill my Camelbak up with water, and so the first time the water got shut off I still had water for that day. That water shortage should end pretty quickly here though becuase Tag-ulan is coming. Rainy season! I hear it's crazy here too. In one month last year they had four typhoons! Elder Bell, my zone leader, is from Arizona too, and he said before this he loved the rain. After being in hurricanes and typhoons and heavy rain for six months though, he says you will never like the rain again. Hahaha, don't worry Shelbi I will still love the rain when I get back, because in Arizona it's not trying to drown you ;)

This week I had the chance to give a blessing to Elder Wick, which was an awesome experience. I also got to anoint oil on a little boy in Moncada 2nd branch who is in the hospital right now. Both experiences were very powerful and I am so grateful for the Priesthood. I liked in I think M. Russell Ballard's talk how he said the same priesthood used to bring worlds into existence is the same authority we hold today. Such a powerful statement! And I know it is true. 

Dad, that is so cool you got your deer!! Agghhh I want to go hunt something..I just want to go shooting or fishing or something! We went hiking today as a zone (I apologize that's why this letter is getting sent so late) so that cured my outdoor itch a little bit. It was so beautiful, we went to some mountain that is pure jungle and it was awesome. Haha that's so funny the girls won't eat the mountain lion meat. I can't even put a name on what some of the meat I've had here is. I've eaten dog, which was not intentional. I didn't know what it was at the time, and asked my kasama afterwards and he laughed and said "Aso", which means dog. was really sweet, taste-wise, not like the "awesome" kind of sweet. And yes, still going strong with the fish. It is a staple food here, so I'm getting used to it. I still don't enjoy eating it but it doesn't make me gag like it did. 

Mom, I am doing grrrrreat (Tony the Tiger) :) Really, I am. And yes, we have to go to internet cafes to use computers also. It's exciting because I get to skype you all on Mother's day! So I don't need a phone card or anything. And yesss conference was awesome! But we missed almost all of Priesthood session because they do it first on Saturday before the other sessions and we thought it started an hour later than it did, so I'm bummed about that. And yes I remember Hilary Olivete, I wish I would've known her mom taught Tagalog! It's true what she said about speaking other dialects, where I'm at right now almost everyone speaks Illocano dominantly and Tagalog as a secondary language. So it's hard to learn from them because I pick up words from both dialects and when I speak to people who only speak one or the other it confuses them because I accidentally speak a mixture of the two. Haha I was super confused the other day because people here call Jesus "Papa Jesus." But it sounds like they're saying "Papacheezoos" and so I was going crazy trying to find out what the heck they were saying, looking in my dictionary and grammar books and finally my companion spelled it out on paper and I felt so stupid hahaha.   

Mom, I am so grateful for all that you did for me growing up, (You too dad haha, but the scripture I read applies more to her). I read this week in my personal study about the Stripling Warriors, and how their mothers taught them to never doubt the Lord, and their faith and trust in Him was unwavering. Because of that, they were all of them preserved in multiple battles. Mom, your testimony has helped me so much growing up. I am so grateful you taught me never to doubt. 

Aleigha, you excited to go to prom? Aren't you just a Sophomore? That's really weird you're going to prom. ;) How're your chickens doing? I cannot tell you how many different parts of a chicken I have eaten, but it is not a few. 

Maile, magaling po kayo sa balibol daw! (I hear you're very talented at volleyball!) Translated literally to English that says "talented you at volleyball I heard". See? You gotta think like Yoda! Hahaha weird huh? Mom says you help her with the dogs a lot :) Good job Maile, keep on helping mom and dad okay? 

So there were a couple talks from Saturday's session I really liked, but I cannot find my notes for them! But Sunday's I wrote in my journal, so I apologize, but I will do the best with what I have with me right now. So I really liked Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk, I don't know what it will be called officially, but I will title it "Light amidst Darkness". I want to couple it with Jeffrey R. Holland's talk from I think April 2009 titled "None Were With Him". These past few months have challenged me in every way possible; mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. Uchtdorf spoke of how we sometimes feel surrounded by darkness, or alone. Holland also spoke of feelings of loneliness and abandonment, and spoke in his talk of the "..loneliest journey ever made and the unending blessings it brought to all in the human family." The journey he speaks of is the life of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Holland spoke of the circle of support around the Saviour that, as the events of the Atonement came closer and closer, dwindled very quickly. I don't want to quote the whole talk, (but please read it, is is amazing), but the climax of his talk is when Jesus Christ is "...prepared intellectually and physically..." but not fully prepared, nor was he anticipating what was to happen, "...emotionally and spiritually..". The utter cry of loneliness and despair when our Saviour and Redeemer cries from the cross "My God, my God...why hast thouforsaken me". He had anticipated the "..loss of mortal support.." but not the brief withdrawal of support from the Lord, our Heavenly Father, that was necessary and central to the concept of the Atonement for this to occur, so that our Saviour could feel as we do when we sin, and have the Lord's presence withdrawn from us. The period of time the Lord withdrew his support from His Only Begotten is very brief, and the Saviour endured it all, until the very end, and in ultimate triumph our Savious ended his mortal life with the words "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." There will never be a time in our lives so full of pain, or sorrow, or despair, that has not been felt by our Brother, Jesus Christ. And so in this life we must never sink into the darkness, into the pit the Adversary has dug for us. God has promised us the hope of His light, and a way for us to escape the darkness of this world. Yes, darkness exists. Even in Lehi's vision, there was a cloud of darkness that encircled round about, even those who held steadfastly to the iron rod were encircled about by the mists. But those who reached the end, those who endured it, obtained the desires of their hearts, and fruit that was more precious than all others. Uchtdorf stated we can rise or fall. The choice is always ours. We can rise to the light, or fall into darkness. I like in 2 Nephi, I think in the first couple of chapters (I don't have my scriptures with me sorry) Lehi tells his sons "Awake, my sons. Put on the armor of righteousness...arise from the dust." We are an army of youth, called of God to bring His gospel to the four corners of the earth. We need to share the light in each of us. Never let go of that Rod of Iron. Uchtdorf said the gospel teaches us what we must know, do, and be. He also said that darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. I testify to the truthfulness of his words. The world is full of darkness. But this church, the true church of our Saviour and our Redeemer, is a light to the world. Remember the words of Matthew Ch. 5. Ponder those words. I can testify there are people who yearn for that light in their lives. Shall we not help them? Have courage. Have strength. Have a firm testimony in our Saviour, that when the devil shall send for his shafts in the whirlwinds, it will have no power over you. For darkness cannot exist where there is light. "Light banishes the darkness".

Well, I love you all very much family, Shelbi, and whoever else reads this! Thank you for all the support you give me always. The work of the Lord is pressing forward at a great pace! From the Philippines to you, mahal kita :) 


Elder K.H. Rand


So this is a tricycle! It is the main form of transportation here, and it is dirt cheap. We drove across our zone today which is like twenty five miles, and it cost 35 pisos, which is less than a dollar. However, there were seven of us, yes seven missionaries on one of these tricycles. There were three in the cart, two on the back of the bike, the driver, and one missionary (my companion actually) on the roof, and another on a fold down seat on the back of the cart. It was ridiculous, and the most uncomfortable trike ride I have had since being here haha. The other picture is what it looks like with three of us in one cart! Haha, it is not fun. I think everything here is made for Ewoks. ;) 


This is me and Elder Cope at the top of the jungle mountain we climbed! :) I'm sorry these are all of the pictures I can send today, I am almost out of time and the internet to upload the pictures is super slow. We will try a different internet cafe next week. I love you all so much! Shelbi, good luck preparing your talk. Oh mom it's okay to send packages without all of the Jesus stickers. It is safe, a lot of other missionaries got packages and they said it's okay if you don't do that. I love you! Stay safe everyone. Shelbi, I hope you are doing well. I miss you so much. I miss all of you! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New mailing address

Elder Kendric Rand
Philippines Angeles Mission
F. Tanedo Street
Barangay San Nicolas
Tarlac City
Tarlac 2300, Philippines

Related to his Bishop :)

Hoy Pamilya!

Haha this week has been crazy..I've started teaching in Tagalog, and it's helped a lot. I can pick up bits and pieces in conversations now and the people are getting used to me. I'm doing much better than last week! My companion speaks a little bit of English but we're trying to speak only Tagalog so I can get comfortable with it. Oh, so I apologize, my area is in Moncada. It is called Moncada 1st Ward. And I found out I'm related to our bishop! Hahaha he has Tolentino family too, and they're from Ilocos. Weird! Oh I have a bunch of pictures to send but I forgot my camera at the house :/ sorry..Anyways, I have not listened to conference yet, because we're 14 hours ahead so I listen to it this weekend. I'm so excited, from what you have said about it it sounds like it was an awesome session. Did you see me?? Did they do the MTC spotlight thing? Haha let me know ;) 
So just a little bit about my area (I'll send pics next Monday) it is very rural but it also has a big city in it as well. There is a little barangay in the middle of the jungle where the houses are built on bamboo stilts because during rainy season it floods constantly there, and the houses look so cool. Oh so there are two seasons here, hot season (which is now) and rainy season, which starts in a couple of months. And that's it! Haha, our main form of transportation, besides our feet, are tricycles, which is a little motorcycle with a sidecar on it. They are the equivalent of a taxi. It is SCARY. Hahaha but the Lord is protecting us. Yesterday we were riding one and the tire blew and it could have gone very badly but we were safe. 

It's hard sleeping here. There is no A/C or anything, and the temperature is the same night and day, so I literally just sweat all night. :P Disgusting I know. Oh but showers here are awesome! Haha it is just a bucket of water that you pour on yourself. I don't know why it is so amazing but it just is. And it's cold water so it feels soo good. But please know I am keeping very good hygiene. I shower twice a day and take very good care of myself. I promise I won't come home with weird habits or anything! ;)

Mom, I miss your cooking soooo much! The last week I have had fish five out of the seven days. And they just panfry it in vinegar and salt. And you all know how much I just love fish..Hahaha and I miss your adobo! Adobo is huge here, I think it's their national dish actually, but it is definitely different from Hawaiian adobo. And I would kill for Panda Express right now. Hahaha ;) OH!! Shelbi, I miss your mom's scones! That sounds weird, but they are sobrang masarap ;)

Uhhmm....let's see...Oh I have letters I want to send today, if I can find a post office. So email me when you get them so we can see how long it takes!

Mom I do in fact have a Tagalog hymn book :) It's weird because we have them in America (I got it from the MTC bookstore) but they don't have them here. They have English ones. Oh that's another thing. A few of the members who served missions know English.

Maile, that is so cool you are doing volleyball! I'm so excited to get to play with you when I get back :)

Aleigha, so you're going to Andrada? That's pretty cool :) Elder Wick, one of my housemates, wants to write you. He saw the picture of you and the javalina and said it was love at first sight. anyways...he wants to know if you'll write him a letter or two. Uhhh...just a little bit about him (he wants me to tell you about himself) he loves singing and playing guitar. He was in drama for 5 years, and grew up raised by all sisters. Yeah. 

Mom, I'm glad your leg is feeling better! Thank you for the email mom, it helped a lot. And I've read my patriarchal blessing almost every day since being here. I know my purpose.

Dad, havasupai will be sweet! And I am stoked to get back and go! I'm sure I will be used to hiking in the heat by then ;) Oh my goodness I am so excited to be in DRY air again! Hahaha..ahh..That's weird you had to go to Priesthood session alone!

So this week will be two months on a mission! 1/12 done. Woohoo! People have said just get through the first 12 weeks in the Philippines and you'll be okay at the language. Not great, but okay. So I'm just doing my best to get through until those 3 months are up. It's weird being here, but it's starting to feel normal at the same time. The houses, the people, the food, everything is different. Oh and I always have to drink from the water bottle the MTC gave me to filter it, because the water here is...sketchy. Haha. But I am getting used to everything. Rice for breakfast lunch and dinner is weird, and I've started hating rice hahaha but I'm more used to eating rice than most Americans who come here. Anyways, I love and miss you all so much! I hope you are all staying safe, and staying true to the faith. I love you! 


Elder K.H. Rand

Monday, April 1, 2013

First emails & pix from the Philippines!

Hey family! 

Sooo..the Philippines. Woo hoo!'s a lot harder being here than I thought it would be. Every morning I wake up very homesick..I don't understand a lick of Tagalog, and my companion is native Filipino so there is very little English, and very little conversation between us. There's also that cultural barrier that makes it hard to talk to him. The people here are all very nice, but they laugh at me because I can't say or understand anything. The food makes me sick, but I think it's getting better now. I just...I wasn't expecting to be hit so hard and fast by everything. I don't know..anyways. It is very beautiful here, and I think living in Arizona prepared me for the climate better than most. It is the hot season here now, and then the wet season comes around May. That's when it rains and rains almost non-stop for like six months, but it's also a lot cooler. I know if I can just..endure the next few months, and learn all I can the language will come. I just want to be able to talk to people, and not have them stare and laugh at me. 

The culture here is very laid back. It's also very...hmm...loud, I guess you can say. I think that's the best way to describe it, loud and chill. Oh! So on Saturday in the market I got four mangos for 50 pisos, which is like..$1.25. Haha. Yeah. What else...oh I committed a 10 year old boy named Jay to baptism. It was really cool :) I've already been offered balot but turned it down because I made a promise to Pres. Howard at the MTC not to eat it. He ate it and was sick for a week and a half so he made us all promise not to eat it. 

Anyway! What's new with you guys? Mom how is it being off crutches? Aleigha you can go to prom..?? Kuwiliwili...that means weird. Maile! How is volleyball?? That is so cool you're playing!! I wish I could have started when I was your age. Dad how is work and stuff? That's cool you guys went to the Easter Pageant! And that's also cool about the screen door. That's what we do, we just prop the door open. There is no A/C in our house, just fans. And we also just have a bucket for a shower, hahaha. It's actually kinda nice. 

Mom, I don't think I need anything. I'm not sure what the best way to send packages is, but I will ask this week. Oh, dearelder's still work over here. So that's definitely a reliable and cheap way to send mail. 

Okay pamilya, I need to go now, but I will write you a letter soon! I can't send it until next monday, p-day, but we will see how long it takes to get there. Thank you for all that you do parents, mahal kita! I miss you sooo much! 


Elder K.H. Rand


This is me in a palayan (rice field) and the other is me eating fish with my hands! The bishop of the ward I am in wanted to teach me how :) Oh! Kinda cool, kinda not, I am the first native English speaker to be a missionary in this ward. They were all shocked to find out I don't


This is me, my kasama Elder Cope, and a boy whose name I have forgotten because it is ridiculously hard to pronounce, standing by some palayans, or rice fields.


So I have a little bit more time, so I can write you guys some more. Please don't worry about me, I will be okay. I am in the Lord's hands. The struggles I am facing I'm sure have been faced by countless other missionaries. I've only been here four days, I'm sure it will become easier to live here and speak the language. I love you so much parents. I really do, and I am so grateful for you. This is the start of the next two years here, and I might as well make the most of it. I keep you all in my prayers. It's a very scary feeling being this far from home, but I know the Lord will provide. These first few days have been a rollercoaster of emotion, and I'm just along for the ride. I need to go now, but I love you so much family. Stay safe! 


Elder Kendric H. Rand


Pictures from the MTC

Kendric sent some pix he took right before he left the MTC. The first 3 are the departing missionaries from his district...

This one is with Ty Brown (going to Mexico City), one of Kendric's best friends while growing up on the NW side of Tucson...

And Stephen Lee (going to Hong Kong), who was in the ward with us for several years...