Monday, March 25, 2013

Phone Call!

Kendric was able to call from the SLC airport tonight! We were all really excited to talk to him and were able to do so for a little over 30 minutes. 23 of them are traveling together to the Angeles mission and another 30 were a couple of hours ahead, going to the Bagio (sp?) mission. They have a really long trip ahead of them, around 25 hours on planes and then 6 on a bus.

He sounded good and is really excited to get into the field. We asked him to bear his testimony and he was able to do that in Tagalog! Very cool.

He said that the Church was filming some footage recently about the MTC for one of their "location" segments between the upcoming Conference sessions. They took a lot of shots of him in the choir, so he's hoping we will get to see him. If anyone has an opportunity to record this, please do! Thanks!

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