Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last emails from the MTC...

Magandang araw pamilya ko! :)

So I got my travel plans! I leave the MTC on March 25, at 6:30P.M., so my flights are all throughout the night. I start from Salt Lake to LAX. I get at the Salt Lake airport probably around 7:30, 7:45ish and leave 9:48. I arrive at LAX around 10:45 and leave around 1 something in the morning. From there I fly to Hong Kong. And then from there to Manila. THEN I have a long ride on a bus to Angeles :) Woo hoo! Yeah I'm scared out of my mind we're leaving so soon. But I know the Lord will make up the difference if I do the best I can. Oh it's weird because I totally just skip a day. I leave the 25th, and arrive the 27th. ???  

So funny thing! The Ewoks in Star Wars Epi, VI speak Tagalog! So when I get back, I will be able to understand everything they say! :) Hahaha so my first companion, when personal exercise comes along on my first morning in the Philippines I wanna start swinging a stick around like a lightsaber, making all the noises. And then be like "Teach me to talk with the Ewoks!". 

An update on Elder Vaitai: Don't worry about a thing. The kid is insanely resilient and acts like it's not even there. He had some procedure done the last couple of weeks and he's doing a lot better. Elder Taylor however, his kasama, has cracked two ribs from a cough he's had the last couple of days. So, we don't know if he's going to have to stay here for a few weeks or not. 

This week in choir we are singing an awesome arrangement of "Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching." The dude who arranged it did it just for the MTC choir, so when it starts getting popular you can know that I was in the choir that first sang it ;);) We've been told the speaker tonight is supposed to be "very special" so we'll keep our fingers crossed! 

I go to the temple this morning, which I'm super excited about. Last time for two years :( 

Hey! That's so funny about Carmel hahaha! You should've put up a "If found, please keep" sign ;) 

Dad, a .243 would be sweet! Ahh I'm so excited for you guys to put in for elkkk! That would be so much fun. Hahah you prestiged?? And hey, a water softener, niiiiice :) How's work? Dude I was so shocked when I saw you wrote me a letter..by hand! Hey how did your Dr.'s appointment go?

Mom, woo hoo no crutches! Oh I got all of your packages :) Thank you so much!! Happy Easter :) So physical therapy. That's no fun :( But it sounds like you're legs better than dad's now ;) I like the scripture you sent me :) Mahal kita mom! 

Aleigha, how'd your Dr.'s appointment go? You glad Carmel's back? Have any awesome movies come out? Oh! When do you shadow that Vet? That'll be fun :) 

Maile, do the soccer and volleyball clinicsss!! They will be so much fun :) How do YOU feel about Carmel coming back? 

Shelbi, hellooo :) How are you? Are your parents getting better now that I'm gone? Are they understanding a bit more? Hey! I got your letter :) Salamatttt! I haven't gotten the packet of pictures though :( But that's okay, they will show up :)

Okay, I'm going to send some pictures, let me know if you get them! Mahal kita pamilya ko at Shelbi :) I love and miss you all! Thank you so much mom and dad for all that you do for me :) I love you! 

Elder Rand


So the[se] pics... are me getting to know my Polynesian side ;) The first pic is from when you sent me that bread (thank you mom :)) and the Samoan kid and the Tongan (Elder Ete and Elder Vaitai) broke out the Spam and corned beef. Haha it was so good. The other picture is me and Elder Taylor wearing lava-lavas given to us from another Samoan, Elder Tuivaiti. Hahaha we try to have fun here ;)


The first pic is me and Elder Kochney, he's from Canada and he's hilarious. The other pic is me, Elder Vaitai, Wilson, and Warnick. Warnick is a super funny, semi-awkward kid. He's going to Angeles too. There are 5 of us going to Angeles, the other 7 are going to Baguio. Me, Wilson, Lytle, Warnick and Horsbourgh are going to Angeles.


This is Elder 'Aisea, one of my favorite missionaries here. He's district leader for disctrict 15d, and one of the coolest guys I know. The other skinny white kid is Warnick ;) I guess I do look pretty small compared to everyone else huh? 


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