Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 Feb 2013

Kumusta po kayo pamilya ko?? (And Shelbi! ;))

Oh yeah, could you guys forward these to xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx and tell her you sent them? Thanks so much!

So first off, the MTC is PACKED. There are some 4500 missionaries here, and we're getting several hundred more tomorrow. It is ridiculous, but at the same time you look at all the faces around you and you know God is hastening the work. We are indeed the elite Army of God.

Aleigha, that is sooo sick about your javalina! RRggghhh Elder Mortenson and I have been talking about hunting almost non-stop since we've gotten to know each other. He is my favorite Elder here, he's from Eager, AZ so he does a lot of Elk hunting in Alpine, and he's also a decent predator hunter.

I have sooo many pictures I want to share with you guys but for some reason my camera won't connect to the MTC's computers, I think it's some safety feature they have :(

I hope you guys have been getting my letters. It's kinda funny, I got letters from Julianna Natalie and Will Marx and I still haven't gotten letters from my own little sisters ;)

Our devotionals here are so awesome. We haven't seen any apostles yet but the speakers have all been pretty high up in the church hierarchy.

So I'm singing in the MTC's choir :) If I were here one week longer I would be singing at General Conference. Right now, we're practicing "Consider the Lillies". Listen to it, it is so good!

In class this week I learned that while in a mission like the Philippines, you do actually get proposed to like in "The Other Side of Heaven"! Brother Nuttall, our teacher, got proposed to like 20 some-odd times. Also of interest, the Philippines has monkeys! But Sister Watkins told us they're MEAN. She got chased around by one that was trying to bite her leg. Oh and Brother Nuttall said you have to be careful while walking through rice fields because cobras chill on the paths. And the path is only a few inches across. Hahaha you can't really turn around either so you have to jump over them! Oh another thing, in the Philippines they have no concept of time. So you'll make an appointment and ask what time to come over and they'll give one of three answers: "Umaga, hapon, or gabi", which means "morning, afternoon, or evening." So their youth activity went for two straight weeks, because they were having so much fun and not caring about time. They just camped in the parking lot! And Relief Society things go for 10 hours, on average. Church can last 4-5 hours instead of 3.

Elder Vaitai is doing a lot better. He doesn't like Elder Taylor too much because he says "You talk too much". Hahaha, but they're coming around to each other. Elder xxxxxx has had a hard life. He spent most of his life in prison, and fought for a living on the streets. He respects me because I'm the best setter in volleyball ;)

Oh mom, I don't really need any of that vaccination stuff. You can just mail it all together if it's be best..? I don't need anything right this moment, just whenever you can get stuff over please :)

MAILE HOW ARE YOU DOING?? Hahaha how's school and stuff? Have you unlocked anything cool for Mario Kart??

Shelbi!! (If my pamilya forwards this to you) O'ano? (That means "Hows't?" Wait..I guess that's still too brown for you. It means "How's it?" Ugh that sounds so white ;)) I miss you :) But! Know that I am safe and working hard. That is so cool you got accepted to BYU! And got that job offer! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx If you need to know anything at all, ask me. I will tell you right now the MTC will not be anything like what you are expecting. The days are long as heck, but the weeks are quick. The weeks are long, but months are short. Or so I hear ;)

Anyways, I'm almost out of time, but I love you guys so much! (And you Shelbi ;)) I miss you, I hope you all stay safe. Write me!

Love, Elder Rand

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