Tuesday, March 12, 2013

19 Feb 2013 (His first email home)

Kumusta po kayo mom!

WHOOOO HOOOOO P-DAY!!! Holy cow it has been the longest, hardest, most draining week of my life. And yes, I've talked to Sis. Hancock, Elder Lee, and Elder Brown! Ty is on the same floor as me actually.

Tagalog is mabuti. We've learned how to say prayers and bear testimony and teach the first chapter of PMG in the last 5 days. Yeah. We're the first group to be here for 6 weeks learning Tagalog, everyone else before us has been here 10. So the work is hastening! It's difficult at times but I know if I do my part the Spirit will help with the rest. My kasama is Elder Wilson, he's a really cool Elder. We room with an Australian named Elder Taylor and he is so fun to be around. His kasama is a Tongan named Elder Vaitai. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I haven't seen any general authorities yet, but Elder Taylor met Uchtdorf in the lobby two days ago. Since he's international he got to call home to tell his pamilya he got here okay and that's where he saw him.

Have you guys been getting my letters? Will you please make sure Shelbi gets hers? Maybe have Aleigha take them to her at seminary?

Oh! Aleigha! So I was sitting in my room thinking about awesome movies and stuff and I had a revelation. The captain in Star Trek, the one who makes Thor captain, is the bad guy in Iron Man. Yeah. Mind-blown.

We just got back from the temple, which was awesome. I have pictures from Sunday when we walked over there but I don't have my camera with me and we only have 30 minutes to use email. Hey could you maybe show Shelbi these emails? I'm not allowed to email non-family.

We've been teaching an investigator, Sis. Ramos and it is nuts. Yesterday was our third lesson, and it was the first time we actually felt espiritu santo in it, because we are getting to a level of understanding in Tagalog that allows us to communicate better.

Agh, I miss you guys so much! I have been washing my hands mom :) I'm really bad at remembering to journal, but I am burning through the scriptures with a passion hahaha :)

Anyways, I love and miss all of you! I am doing great, it's pretty hard though sometimes when I think I'm not gonna see you guys for two years. But enduring to the end will bring blessings :)

Elder Rand

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